In the Huff

I have an older brother who thought he was very witty growing up to give me the nickname “Lesley Flona Flumpetine Moss” or Flump for short. Apparently it was in reference to my super human ability to go in the huff. And of course as with all irritating nicknames this stuck.

Of course I like to think I’ve grown up and no longer go in the huff.

Until I started sewing that is.

Currently I’m in the huff with a shirt I’ve been making for Mr King.

I made a waistcoat for Mr King’s Christmas present out of this lovely soft houndstooth using a pattern I got from Love Sewing Magazine. Only as it turns out he didn’t have a suitably casual shirt that would go with it.

So a handy 50% off sale at Remnant Kings in Edinburgh gave me the excuse to have a shot at my 2nd ever man’s shirt using the Burdastyle casual man’s shirt pattern. I lovingly washed the fabric, cut the fabric out, pinned it, sewed it, ironed it. Just before I did the final seam I asked Mr King to try it on so I could get the slim fit that he needs (he’s a skinny malinky long legs as we say in Scotland). I measured the position of the arm pit, the waist and the cuff. Drew a straight line between them and sewed them up using a french seam.

Well the good news is it fits.


The bad news is that Mr King can’t bend his arms at that he elbow without cutting off his circulation.

Cue Mrs King going in the huff (and uttering a few juicy swear words) and living up to my childhood nickname.

Stupid f***ing shirt.

Obvious solution is to make it a short sleeve shirt. Except Mr King doesn’t like short sleeved shirts.

Or this handy pin on Pinterest suggests I could make it into a dress for Mini Me.

If I wasn’t still in the huff both those options could happen.

But they won’t because I’m in the huff.

Instead I’m going to console myself with some pattern shopping. So come on folks – please recommend your favourite men’s shirt patterns that could give Mr King a slim fit shirt to match his waistcoat.IMG_7300IMG_7308



8 thoughts on “In the Huff

  1. Hiya Lesley, I would love to say it’s your hormones but I know it isn’t! If he has an old shirt that fits really well take it apart, while resting and draw round it and make your own pattern. You should be able to trust that one!!

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    1. Oh man I didn’t even think of blaming this one on my “condition”. problem with this pattern is also the collar -being Burdastyle is that you have to guess the seam allowance so it’s not very precise


      1. Serously there’s nothing better than cutting one for yourself. You even see different ways of sewing things! It’s just the thought of that shirt to sacrifice, but then you’ll always have a pattern and you can change it too!


  2. The collar looks really good from the picture. You could buy more fabric to make two new sleeves and just cut them a bit wider. If the rest of the shirt fits I wouldn’t bother with a new pattern; just adapt the one you have got. What sort of thickness of interfacing did you use for the collar?

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    1. Yes I’m more prevaricating because I’ll have to unpick the cuffs, the side seams and the arm seams before I could add more sleeves on. And I did french seams so it’s all X 2. Grrrr!


  3. That is a shame about the sleeves as the shirt looks lovely (as does that waistcoat). Do you follow “Male Pattern Boldness”? Peter on there makes beautiful shirts and uses a few varied patterns and there are lots of good shirt making tips. Also, one of the Sewcialist’s has a fitted shirt pattern generator and his samples on Instagram have been very fashion forward and lovely. Xx


    1. Boom! That’s the kind of excellent advice I needed! I’ve been following Male Pattern boldness but feel he is so far advanced it’s more voyeurasim 🙂
      I really really like the sound of that pattern though 35 options!!!


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