Operation boob – and making a right boob of things!

So my challenge for myself was to make some tops that would be functional when breastfeeding.

It’s all taking a lot longer than usual because I just haven’t got the energy.

Anyway first item to be completed was the Archer shirt from Granville. I went entirely by bust size for this since I haven’t seen my waist in months.


My thought was to take my bust size and go up a bit and hope that once baby had arrived my waist would magically fit.

How wrong I was.

I didn’t bother checking for size until just before attaching the sleeves. So that’s after I’d done the darts, front facings, placket, collar and collar stand, front pockets  etc etc.

At which point I discovered that the shirt would definitely fit me when I’m no longer pregnant.

Because it was already too big for me at 8 months pregnant!!


It’s such pretty fabric though I didn’t want to discard it. Instead I figured I could reduce it around the bust, arms and waist by doing the final side seam in a oner. So I had to take it in by 2 inches on both sides. I also took the shoulders in by a few inches – I’m used to having to narrow shoulders but these still aren’t sitting right for me.

I also discovered I have freakishly short arms – or at least Canadians have longer arms than me. So I took a further 3 inches off the sleeves and they’re still quite long.

So I have a functional shirt that will work for breastfeeding but the fit isn’t exactly what I’d like. I do like the pattern though – next time I’ll size down significantly and do a full-bust adjustment if it doesn’t fit across the boobs.

Kind of need to get my butt in gear though as baby is fast approaching.

Credit to the penguins at Edinburgh zoo who were determined to get in on the photos!





8 thoughts on “Operation boob – and making a right boob of things!

  1. I like your shirt. Go you for making all those adjustments. I would have chucked in it in the corner in a big huff (I have a lot of UFOs). Your daughter is your wee double. She is so cute. Loving the penguins and their photobombing.. We were always dragged to the Zoo when I was at school. Makes me think of Cornettos. 🙂 Xx

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