Problem with my tape measure??

This is step 2 in operation boob – or making a breastfeeding friendly wardrobe.

I got this slouchy gilet pattern from Love Sewing magazine ages and ages ago. I really liked it but there didn’t seem much point in making it while I was getting fatter. My plan was to make it once I was no longer pregnant except of course I’ve gotten impatient and want to make things I might fit once baby arrives.



The fabric is from Remnant Kings in Edinburgh in the amazing January sale and cost me something silly like £2.50 a metre. I really struggled to find a zip the same colour so after polling the ladies at work we settled on a contrasting navy blue zip since that is the most likely colour I’d wear with it.

I got really lost in the instructions of this pattern.  I don’t know if that’s a criticism of Simple Sews as I was only sewing in short bursts when I was generally half asleep. In fact I had to rip the zip out about 7 times because I just couldn’t get my head round which way it should go.

I love it though. It’s a cracking shape and style.

The issue I have though is I used my pre-pregnancy measurements and somehow have ended up with a garment that fits me when I’m 8 1/2 months pregnant. That’s the 2nd item I’ve made that fits me when I’m heavily pregnant that was intended for non pregnant me.

The only thing for it then is to blame my tape measure – do tape measures have “off days”? Is there some weird kind of Harry Potter magic at work here?

What on earth is going on here????





11 thoughts on “Problem with my tape measure??

  1. I’ve heard of tape measures changing over time. If you really suspect it may be off, compare it against another (or 2-3 others). Before making another, maybe measure the actual pattern, instead of using whatever charts they have on the pattern?

    Since craftysewandsewindorset’s also turned out large, I’m thinking it’s not your tape measure.

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      1. Laughing at myself on that. Normally I blame lack of coffee when I miss the intent. I guess I’ll add long day at work to my list of excuses 🙂 It’s such a cheerful yellow – a color I look really bad in. I’m a bit envious you can wear it.

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  2. I love that pattern and can’t remember if I bought it of eBay or not as I was after the t-shirt one from them. Thanks for the heads up about the sizing. I thought that the top size would be too small for me but now there is hope it if runs huge. 🙂 Not good for you though. There are a lot of patterns with way too much ease in them. Big 4 ones are notorious. I love the drape in the front and the lovely bright yellow fabric. Xx


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