Operation Boob – huge success!

I’m still working on Operation Boob aka making a breast feeding friendly wardrobe.

After a couple of frustrating yet ultimately successful items (slouchy gilet and Granville archer here) I was really hopeful the next one wouldn’t be quite so taxing.

Step forward Sew Over It’s Anderson Blouse. An hommage to the super sexy Gillian Anderson in the BBC series “The Fall”.

Sales of white silky blouses must have gone through the roof after this series aired. I may be married to a man but flipping heck she is totally my female crush in this TV show.

So clearly a strong, non maternal, professional, super intelligent woman should be my inspiration for a shirt I can wear during maternity leave when I will be practically brain-dead, covered in puke, crawling on floors and attending baby groups. But of course!

The only sense that I appear to have applied in this project was shying away from white silk. Given Mini Me Mark 1’s proclivity for projectile vomiting I thought a busy pattern that could hide the vomit stains was a better idea.

This is gorgeous fabric and v drapey (and immensely cheap!) I got from Remnant Kings in the January sales. It also frays like a bugger so I had to get the over locker (and swearing) out again.

I also tried my hand at narrow shoulder adjustment using the Curvy Sewing Collective’s tutorial. This reduced the shoulders by 5 cm. It’s still marginally too wide but hopefully its only noticeable to me.

Sadly I can’t to try this on yet. I have a very stubborn baby that is refusing to listen to its eviction notice. Get out baby!!!!







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