Burdastyle you’re dead to me (but this dress is cute)

Burdastyle and I have a love hate relationship. I’ve been suckered into buying a few of their patterns now but given the awful instructions that go with them I generally end up swearing like a sailor at some point during the proceedings.

Anyway I had bought this shirt dress pattern for Mini Me some time ago and had printed out the pattern but not the instructions.


So last week when i tried to login to get the instructions I’ve been unable to access my account. Next comes days of emails back and forth with Sheila in their customer services who was about as useful as a chocolate teapot and claims there is no account. Er well how did I get this pattern then Sheila? Hmmmm?

Now I’m at the point that both my emails and tweets to them are being ignored. Fecking 10/10 for customer services Burdastyle! I’m guessing this will be the end of our tumultuous relationship then eh? Perhaps it’s best for both of us that we do -it may lower my blood pressure and reduce my swearing to squaddie level rather than sailor level.

Except this dress is cute.


And it turns out not having the instructions made it actually quite easy to make this pattern. Because I engaged my brain rather than relying on Burdastyle’s truly rubbish instructions.

And Mini Me likes the dress too.

What to do. Continue with my abusive relationship with Burdastyle or cut them out of my life??




P.s. we took these photos on our trip to the National Museum of Scotland when we went in search of dinosaurs. Such a gorgeous building!

Ahem: update. Sheila from custom services has finally come back to me after 5 days with the suggestion that my account might be on the UK Burdastyle website. Who knew there were different websites?! So hurrah I have my patterns again.

I may have forgiven Burdastyle – it is easter after all.


17 thoughts on “Burdastyle you’re dead to me (but this dress is cute)

  1. As a self-confessed Burda fan girl I’d always recommend buying the magazine rather than their pdfs. I don’t really think they truly understand what being an online business entails – cue rubbish customer service.
    And yes, that dress IS cute!

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    1. Yes good idea except the only place that sells the magazine here is at the train station in the city centre. I’m trying to avoid any more magazine subscriptions too. Just wish Sheila and her mates would get better at customer services cos I do think they have some nice patterns!


  2. Your little princess looks adorable in the dress. There are many other pattern companies to give your business to. Dealing with Burdastyle’s customer service sounds too frustrating to me. Sewing should be challenging and fun.


  3. That dress is super cute! Well done you, for going off-piste without instructions. I know just how you feel about Burda. The tempting photography, the incomprehensible instructions, the swearing,….been there and got the Knit Wrap Top (literally). Better not forget my password then! The National Museum of Scotland looks great too. I’m up in Scotland in a couple of weeks, is it worth a look?

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    1. Yes its a great museum although they are in transition between exhibits at the moment so a bit smaller than usual. Of course in Edinburgh there is no shortage of lovely museums and free activities!


  4. I don’t usually have much to say about kids’ clothes, but this dress is really cute. Does it come in an adult version?? I just ordered 3 online patterns from Burdastyle, and they arrived in my inbox practically *before* I completed the ordering process. I downloaded and printed two of them right away because I just don’t trust anyone’s “forever” library.

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    1. Ah sadly this was just the kids version but they might have another – you’ll just have to scroll through pages and pages of dresses because their search function is poo. Make sure you also download the instructions as they’re a separate pdf to the patterns (as I have discovered to my downfall!)


  5. The dress, and daughter, look so lovely, I think you’ve sewn enough things to be able to decide how to put these things together by yourself! Ditch anything that seems useless, the outfit shows you don’t need the instructions anyway!
    A trip to the Museum???

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  6. I love that dress! So cute! Please dont cut them out. Burda does some really fantastic well drafted different quirky designs. They also are better at ease (I find the big 4 go BIG on ease). I have had the same existential dilemna and I came out deciding that I will learn to speak Burda. This entails Step 1 – briefly reading the instructions then tossing them. Step 2 – studiously look for pictures of the garment to get good odea of what its supposed to look like. Step 3 – studiously look at line drawings. Step 4 – make in how I think it ought to be. Step 5 – if previous steps dont work Just wing it😀. Its been working for me so far and am finding I really quite like a lot of their stuff. Glad I didnt cut them out. Also agree with comment above that magazine is much better and better value too. Hang in there – it does get easier. X

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    1. Ah well the update is Sheila from customer services came back and suggested my account might be on the Burdastyle UK website – so hurrah I have my patterns back.

      As it’s easter I’ve decided to forgive them (which may have something to do with the pretty culottes I want to make!)

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  7. You probably know more than you think you do . It’s really rather fun to go it alone . It turned out well. A lot if older dress patterns have very minimal instructions and Kily holes punched into the pattern paper, no printing !! Burda is luxury compared to that .i guess that we have all become used to spoon feeding .

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    1. Yes it was a useful challenge – it gave me some confidence that I know what I’m doing. Of course I’m ignoring the 4 pieces still sat on my table that I couldn’t work out where they went!


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