Operation Boob goes Botanical

So this happened 14 days ago

Introducing Beatrice – the motivation behind Operation Boob (aka my attempt to create a wardrobe suitable for breastfeeding).

I went back to the Sewaholic shirt pattern which I’d already made one huge shirt from (the shirt that fit me comfortably when 8 months pregnant!). I carefully took all my measurements and entirely ignored the suggested sizes on the back of the packet. That’s because my measurements suggest I’d have to make the same size as last time. Y’know the size that fits me when 8 months pregnant. Ok I’m not exactly back to my pre-baby size but I’m pretty certain I’m a bit smaller than I was when 8 months pregnant!

Construction wise nothing major happened. I’m getting pretty good at shirts now and only really need to refer to instructions at the quirky points like the plackets at the cuff. I did another narrow shoulder adjustment and think this is probably the best fit I’ve had for my shoulders yet. Turns out I’m smaller than a size zero on the shoulders – means I get to say I’m a size zero somewhere!

What I was so surprised at was I had time and space to sew anything when baby was just over a week old. Especially since Mini Me Mark I has decided she is far too grownup to nap exactly 3 days after Mini Me Mark II arrived! This means I’ve been using the tiny windows of opportunity afforded me by Mr King being on paternity leave.

The shirt is snug for now but hopefully in the coming months there will be acres of space as I make a concerted effort to stop eating Mini Me’s Easter Eggs and start exercising again. Maybe……


Photos were taken on a day trip to Abbotsford, Sir Walter Scott’s home and it’s lovely gardens. We brought the average age of their visitors down by about 4 decades today šŸ˜€


22 thoughts on “Operation Boob goes Botanical

  1. Congratulations!! Beatrice is a lovely name for a gorgeous little baby! Your shirt looks incredible, I can’t imagine sewing anything like that with a 2 year old, let alone a new-born so I’m full of admiration.

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  2. Well done (baby and shirt and motivation)!!!! You look really good too. The perks of nursing: the sheer volume of bust makes the waist appear tiny in comparison. At the time (newborn + easter chocolate eggs) my eldest asked me: “does the baby drink chocolate milk when you eat chocolates?”.

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  3. Congratulations Lesley, Beatrice is just beautiful! I hope you are enjoying those early days of a new baby.. they’re just sooo gorgeous. Sewing is an awesome way to get some me-time when you get the chance!


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