Arg! Toddlers!

I’m trying to make things with left over fabric rather than buy more. I haven’t bought any since January though I may break that streak this weekend at the Stitching and Knitting Show which is in Edinburgh.

Any hoo I have a few shorter lengths which are perfect for toddler clothes so I decided to use some of the fabric to make Mini Me a dress for summer.

Mini Me was v excited about this idea and spent aaaaaaages picking buttons

Then the next day she declared she doesn’t like dresses.

Then the next day she went mental because I hadn’t finished her dress.

Then the next day she declared she doesn’t like the dress.

Then the next day she cried big boo hoo tears because I hadn’t finished it.

Then when I finished it she declared she didn’t want it and would put it back in the wardrobe.

Gaaaaaaaaa toddlers!!!

Finally, to get photos of the finished product, I had to promise to let her watch unlimited episodes of Peppa Pig and jump on her bed during the photo shoot.

Was it worth it?



Dress is girl’s yoke dress from Burdastyle and has piping on the bodice and pockets.

11 thoughts on “Arg! Toddlers!

  1. Definitely worth it! The photos are adorable, the perfect backdrop! Hopefully she’ll soon declare that she loves the dress and never wants to take it off 😀! Good luck with the no-new-fabric thing. It’s damn difficult!

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  2. Wonderful use of fabric! Your daughter looks wonderful in your creations. I have two grand-daughters that I have been sewing for since they were babies. They were mostly loving the clothes I made for them until just recently. Now, at ages 9 and 11, they are telling me “just make it plain, Baba” No collage T-shirts, no printed pants, no bright colored hoodies with contrast linings. I fear I am being fired. So somewhere in between there is a sweet spot where they love and appreciate our efforts.

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    1. Good point – so at some point I may have to only use plain colours. I’m so not looking forward to when she has to wear school uniform and the joy of clothes wearing goes.


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