And sew the project begins

My husband and I have been rather successful at expanding our family.

Sadly that means I’m losing the little sewing space I have. I started sewing 4 years ago and have had a temporary space ever since I started. For the last 3 years I had a corner of the spare room but just gave that room over to Mini Me.

Then my lovely husband put up my sewing table in the nursery as a surprise when I was away with work for a few days. His theory was baby will be sleeping with us for a while so I could use her room until she was big enough – that gives us 5 months!

Since there is no room in the house we’ve had to look outside the house. The garage is off limits as my husband is building a car in there. So a shed in the garden it is!

We looked at converting an old shed but have come into a little bit of cash which means we can buy a new purpose built shed. It arrives in 3 weeks and I’m a little bit giddy about it.


According to Pinterest this could be called a She Shed. Personally I think that sounds ick. I’m going to just call it my shed.

There’s not much to see at the moment – just a hole in the ground. Once the shed arrives we’ll need to insulate it, paint it and get an electrician out to put power to it.


Then the real fun will begin – setting out my sewing space. Current thinking is one long bench with my sewing machine, my overlocker and my mini ironing board. Then I think I’ll have a Murphy table on the back wall for when I need to cut fabric.

I’m spending so much time breastfeeding at the moment that my daydream version of the shed is freaking amazing. I really hope it lives up to my expectations!

Here are just some of my Pinterest ideas!






If my eventual shed is even half as fun as these I’ll be chuffed.


16 thoughts on “And sew the project begins

  1. What a freaking amazing idea. I hate the term “she shed” but I love the concept. We toyed with the idea of chucking me out into the garden once as our garden was huge but so were the spiders so that didn’t take legs (they were all taken unfortunately). I think that everyone needs their own wee space especially if you have children. Somewhere to escape for sanity’s sake. I can’t wait to see what you are going to do with it. Sheds rock! Xx

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  2. I think it’s she shed or shedquarters!!
    Great idea! Although I’m not convinced it might not be taken over by the mini yous as a Wendy house…maybe you’ll need a lock…and some heat for the winter. Happy diying

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  3. So exciting! Though I think you’re right to stick with calling it a shed rather than anything else. Looking forward to seeing pics of it all decked out – I’m moving house this year and will be getting my own sewing room so I’m after inspiration! šŸ˜€

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  4. Amazing idea, you are one lucky lady. I had the same issue, the spare room was my sewing room and then number two arrived and took over that space. For a while we put both kids in together and made the third bedroom a playroom and sewing room, but i’d spend so long tidying up before I could sew it wasn’t worth it! Then I set up in our bedroom and now after converting the garage I have space in the living room. This works well as I can sew with the family around me. My husband has a large workshop in the garden as took his garage away so sadly no room for a shed for me!

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  5. How awesome!! We have a new baby on the way, but we are maxed out on bedrooms over here.. So we were thinking we might have to build a wall and create a bedroom out of our loft where my sewing area is… D: I might have to take this idea and get an outside shed for myself!!

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  6. Great news on getting a space of your own, and I’m looking forward to seeing how you set it up! I don’t care for the she-shed name either. I’d call it my empire, although I do rather like shedquarters. Now you have a while to make plans for the in-house sewing room when the minis grow up and are out on their own.


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