Children are better predators than sharks

I like sharks. Quite a lot really. In fact I did my first masters degree studying sharks which included a cushty 7 months in the Bahamas studying shark behaviour. We also arranged our whole honeymoon around this dive in Borneo that is famous for its hammerhead sharks (we didn’t see them so clearly we’ll have to go back sometime).

One of the reason sharks are so impressive is they have amazing senses. That’s what makes some of them brilliant apex predators (obviously not all of them – I mean have you ever seen a cookie cutter shark? If not I demand you Google it now).

As it turns out children also have amazing senses that make them apex predators – apex predators of their mother’s time.

It’s like they can sense my breaks for freedom.

I’ll literally just sit down at my sewing machine when I either hear the thump thump thump of Mini Me climbing the stairs yelling “watcha doing mummy” or I’ll hear the “waaaaaaaaaaa” of Miniest Me who has realised she is not being held for the first time in 12 hours.

Case in point is this blouse. This is a really simple blouse that should take about 2 hours to make. And yet it’s taken me 2 weeks. That’s 2 hours split across 9 or 10 attempts to escape the children.

It’s a good thing I like them otherwise I might be tempted to sell them on ebay just to get some me time again!




Construction Notes
It’s the Anderson Blouse from Sew Over It in a size 12 this time (clearly I’m not a size 12 they’ve just been very generous with the sizes). I made a few alterations with elasticated cuffs and waist. The pattern calls for a ribbon close at the waist which is really faffy and keeps getting pulled through when I put it in the washing machine. I also did another narrow shoulder adjustment to make me look like less of a freak :mrgreen:.

9 thoughts on “Children are better predators than sharks

  1. I’m reading this thinking, someone who studied sharks, likes to sew, we do come from an odd selection of backgrounds! And why not.
    The weirdest thing about living with the predators is that your life becomes so geared up to serve them, and then they leave!
    For now enjoy those snatched sewing moments! Lovely top.

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      1. That’s so sweet! How many dogs!!
        The trend now is for parents to get dogs to keep the kids at home instead of going away to uni…the biggest bribe of them all…a puppy.
        We have two cats, one is going to be heartbroken when my daughter leaves in September, and the other won’t care!

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  2. You have such a good way with words, and expression, you always make me laugh! This all sounds so familiar to me. I did set up my sewing machine in a corner under the stairs, unfortunately it’s right outside my toddlers bedroom so I tend to sew in the living room. So many times I’ve done a quick surface house tidy, got my sewing machine out, set it up then.. yep, naptime over! Your blouse looks really good and I hope you get your sewing shed set up soon.

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    1. Aw that’s lovely of you to say so. I do love bedtime for the toddler as she doesn’t come out of her room. Unfortunately it does mean I have a tendency to stay up waaaay to late just to get a bit of peace and quiet


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