Summer projects

The trouble with breastfeeding is there is a lot of time sat around doing nothing very much.

The joy of smartphones is this time can be spent browsing the Internet expanding your brain and learning all about the world around us. Before I went on maternity leave I had a reading list of important articles for work I wanted to read. Last time I managed precisely zero. This time I may even be in deficit given the number of rubbish articles on gossip pages I’ve read!

So yes I’ve sent far too much time online shopping for fabric and patterns. This particularly bad given I’m now on maternity pay and therefore have less than 2 brass buttons to rub together. Oops!

So I’m wisely using my time breastfeeding to plot my summer projects. And here is a countdown.

Project 1
Obviously project 1 is the new shedquarters (name suggested by a blogger which is frankly fabulous). Mr King has been hard at work and has laid the groundwork and the shed is due to arrive in 2 weeks. Squeee!

Project 2
Monthly stitch indie pattern month challenges – I’m definitely going to enter one of the challenges and if this go well I may even attempt a second. I’ve also got a pattern swap to work on that looks perfect for operation boob.



Project 3
Mini Me’s birthday is next month and I bought some fabric but have been solemnly informed she doesn’t want a dress. I have negotiated a top and some shorts in the hope that she might actually wear something I make her.

I’m going with Purl Bees smocked top since the little girl in the photo looks a lot like Mini Me.


Project 4
I bought some nice fabric for another shirt for Mr King. I’ve still to find the ultimate shirt pattern for slim men. Ideas v welcome.

Project 5
I’m thinking for summer a short sleeved gingham shirt would be nice for me. Could be a bit cowgirl – if so, yee hah!


I also have this fabric given to me last year that I still haven’t made into anything. Ideas folks?


That’s it for now but I fear the longer I spend breastfeeding the longer my project list gets. Thankfully the poor state of my bank account will limit my online shopping habit.


4 thoughts on “Summer projects

  1. I’m so impressed that you are considering projects at all. I had breastfeeding dementia and could even hold a thought long enough to make it into a project idea.
    re shirt pattern for slim men: have you come across the magazine Maison Victor? They have modern cut mens patterns every once in a while. I haven’t tried making a shirt of their patterns because frankly I hate tracing their patterns (a LOT worse than Burda imho), but they sure look nice.

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    1. Ha yes I think I’m pretty delusional but I like to plan even if nothing comes of it.

      Thanks for the advice re shirt patterns – will check it out


  2. What brilliant plans. It is really hard to get stuff made when you have wee ones to look after. Hat ff to you for even having the time to plan anything. I love the fabric you have chosen for your Ultimate Trousers. What about a shirtdress in that lovely animal fabric? It would really be fun.

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    1. The ultimate trousers fabric was my star find at the Stitching and Knitting Show in Edinburgh – 4 quid a metre in the bargain bin!

      And the animal print is scuba fabric and has already largely met it’s destiny!


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