Operation Boob goes independent

This is my entry to the Monthly Stitch ‘s Indie Pattern Month challenge “New to me”. For the month of June we’re challenged to only make items from Independent pattern companies rather than the big 4 commercial groups.

This is a bit of a challenge for me as I don’t always find the indie pattern companies to be good value or to make particularly nice patterns.  Some of it might be down to styling tho.

Anyway, as you may know my life is currently ruled by a dictator made of velcro. I’m shouted at on a regular basis. You don’t need a babelfish to know that the mini dictator is shouting “boob, boob – bring me my boob”.

To reduce the disapproving looks when out in public this necessitates a wardrobe that makes boobs more easily accessible than a stripper down at the lusty leopard (though probably without the nipple tassels – kind of defeats the purpose).

Thankfully my swap partner chose an excellent pattern for Operation Boob – Itch to Stitch ‘ s Irena top

I can’t say this pattern had caught ,my eye previously when I went looking for breastfeeding friendly tops which is surely one of the great things about the pattern swap – using someone else’s know how. As luck would have it I’d accidentally bought (that’s what I tell my bank manager – mat pay isn’t exactly giving us a champagne lifestyle right now) fabric that would suit the pattern.

It’s a beautifully soft loose knitted fabric. It’s one of those fabrics that feels lovely but is a bitch to work with. It moves constantly so pattern matching was a nightmare. It also sheds like crazy and clogged up the hoover. The loose weave also catches on flipping everything so I have to avoid all sharp corners, nails, velcro etc when wearing this.

The pattern itself is straightforward – the only funky bit is when you attach the collar at the front. This isn’t something a sleep deprived mother of a 7 week old baby should attempt without back up. So of course this nimwit carried on regardless fuelled by caffeine and chocolate and blind optimism.

It almost worked. It’s a bit lumpy on one side but a good press has sorted some of that out.

What didn’t work was my attempts to attach the bottom band. I wasn’t paying attention and overlocked it on squint.

So cut it off and started again. Only to do it squint again.

So again I cut it off and started again. By now I was getting a little worried about the length so I went really carefully this time. Now I have the issue that the front is riding up a bit but I’m running out of fabric to take it off and start again.

Finally sleeves were dead easy apart from I didn’t have enough fabric for the cuffs. I’m actually glad about this as I’d prefer a slightly shorter sleeve on a jumper like this – especially how often I’m dealing with poo and puke.

So here we go – Operation Boob does Indie Pattern Month. You’ll need to take my word for it that the boob comes out easily because
a) I didn’t fancy getting my boobs out on the Internet and
b) the baby is asleep!!!





Victory dance around the garden!

12 thoughts on “Operation Boob goes independent

  1. This is a great top. It looks really comfy and much better in real life than it does in the pattern photo. What is it with an breastfeeding? I have no idea why it would offend anyone, and doubly so when it is a woman. Have they never seen a pair of boobs before? Hope that the boob-police don’t get you down. Xx

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    1. I think I’m probably more discrete than I think as people keep not realising I’m feeding and lean in and talk to my boob. “Ooh isn’t she lovely, how old is she”….er that’s my boob your talking to so 36!


  2. Lusty leopart – HIMYM Lol! I think the top looks awesome and I hope that IPM 16 changes your mind re Indie Patterns. The styling can be a little self-consciously ironic for me at times, but I find in the hands of the less nostalgia oriented they make great clothes and look awesome on.

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    1. Yay another HIMYM fan! Yes I think there are some great patterns I just have to use my imagination more. I struggle with spending 12 quid on something that is similar to other patterns so tend to only buy if it’s completely different to what I’ve seen elsewhere

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  3. Hilarious blog post! Love the top, you model it well…I’m sewing a georgette blouse at the moment, and I can only face the wriggly slippery fabric now and then, I’ve never taken so long to sew something. Glad you persevered with your annoying fabric though 🙂

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