Are you beach body ready?

Buoyed up from watching some complete strangers on a TV show (Great British Sewing Bee) make bras I’ve decided to make my own bikini. I know – there’s something about fools and money and parting in that statement.

First decision is which pattern.

I like the vintage style bikinis but have some confused thoughts about the big pants on them. I’ve been polling friends about whether they are flattering with mixed responses of “yes!” and “hell no your arse will eclipse the moon!”

I don’t have a particularly large arse but I do have rather unsightly varicose veins. So my thinking is if I wear large pants people will be too busy commenting on my large arse to focus on my hideous varicose veins. Well it’s a theory and as a scientist theories should be tested!
So pattern choices are

Named patterns Beverly twisted bikini

I’ve got the hots for this pattern but can’t find many reviews of the pattern. My concern is that it might be too revealing and uncomfortable for those of us large of norks. Some halterneck can be uncomfortable if it weighs too heavily on  my neck.

My other concern is its quite a lot of money for just 1 option. Other patterns give you alternative views ie a swimsuit or different sized pants.

Conclusion: it’s on the shortlist with reservations

McCalls mix and match bikini
A good coverage bikini with multiple options. I like the big pants, the halterneck bikini top and the bandeau style top. As always with Big 4 patterns the styling on the envelope is a little cheesy. But it’s got potential.

Maisonfleur Vintage bikini

A lovely suit with a few options on top and bottom half. My concern is its a rather narrow strap. With big norks that can sometimes mean the strap digs in and is uncomfortable. I’m also not sure about the back fastening for the non-halterbeck option. Looks fiddly.

Sophie bikini from Closet Case Files

Released last month to a lot of buzz on social media. I like it. I really like it. But it requires underwires which I’ve never used. Underwires are also not commonplace in nursing bras and I’ll still be breastfeeding when I wear this bikini.

I think therefore this is one for next summer when I’ve had more practice.

Lisette 6358 tie front bikini

Has both a swimsuit and bikini option. I particularly like the version with the tie on the back of the pants. Very pretty!

The only downside is there is only 1 version. This means I might only make 1 or 2 bikinis from this pattern which makes it rather poor value for money.

So I think my final choice is going to be the McCalls which I’m a bit sorry about. I’d love to support the smaller indie companies but this pattern gives me greater value for money.

The next challenge is taking photos of my final make (without putting anyone off their breakfastbreakfast) my peely wally white wobbly flesh in a bikini!


12 thoughts on “Are you beach body ready?

  1. Great run down of the options. I, too am a rational economic agent so completely agree with your reasoning. I have always thought that when I make a bra and knicker set I’d model them on me worn over thermal top and leggings😀

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  2. I made the Beverly bikini last summer, and as much as I like it, I DID have to add a TON of coverage! And even then I feel like it is pretty darn revealing.. I’m normally around a G cup and this felt as if it were drafted for a AA!.. If I ever get back to a point where I would wear a bikini again after this pregnancy, I would make one again, but draw out the top even more.. Also, I used hard cups, which I HATE. I would find some soft ones for the next time 🙂


    1. That is such useful feedback. I was worried given how petite the model was and the few pattern reviews I’d seen. I’m an E cup and not a huge exhibitionist so would rather more coverage than less.


  3. Haha I like your reasoning re varicose veins, maybe I should try that too! U had to buy new bikini bottoms this year as although tops from 10 years ago still fit the bottoms most certainly didn’t! It was hard finding ones I liked and next year ID like to have a go at making my own so I look forward to hearing your review of whichever one you go with.


  4. These are all great patterns. I really like the thought of those high-rise bikinis. I am really going to follow how you get on as my old swimsuit died and I have not plucked up the courage to go and buy another one as it is too depressing. I love the ruching option on the Maison Fleur. Xx

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  5. I love the Beverly but I would have to alter the heck out of that pattern because of the bust coverage and the fact that I find halters so uncomfortable. I have all the supplies for a Papercut Soma swimsuit (except foldover elastic) but I haven’t started cutting that yet either. Too many projects, too little time! Can’t wait to see your swimsuit!

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