Brave or Stupid?

I’ve accidentally signed up to run a stall at our village fun day in 2 months time. I’ve never run a stall or sold any of my sewing creations before so this could be a gentle intro to the world of selling my work.

Except I’ve got a 15 week old velcro baby who won’t let me go and an extremely opinionated toddler who can smell my bids for freedom a mile off.

I’m slowly getting stock together. Current thoughts on what to make to sell include:

Baby’s bibs and baby’s booties


Kids trousers

Pillowcase dresses and Toddler dresses

Toddler smocked tops

Fabric hairbands (photo nicked from Pinterest)

Button and bow kirby grips (photo nicked from Pinterest)

What do you think? Am I mad? Are there other more obvious things I could make that would be more likely to sell?

I doubt I’m going to be a millionaire (we’ll probably spend anything I make in the home baking stall) but it could be a bit of fun. Right????

18 thoughts on “Brave or Stupid?

  1. I love your babies’ bibs and booties. Did you make them? I think you’d probably find a good market for any children’s clothing that is a little unusual, as in different from what the stores sell. I don’t know what things are like in your part of the world, but here on the west coast of Canada children’s stores are popping up all over the place and prices are high. It appears parents are now willing to spend huge amounts of money on their little darlings. What about headgear? There are all kinds of very cute and unusual caps and toques and hats that I’ve seen people selling for children.

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    1. Yes I made those bibs and booties for friends babies. Of course when you give them as presents people are always lovely but would anyone actually pay for them?
      I agree about the hats thing. There’s a lovely bonnet pattern doing the rounds that is free that I fancy. Maybe I’ll knock up a couple just to gauge interest


  2. Cute items! You did a lovely job of them. I was always looking for something new when my kids were small. Do you have some sort of bib? Good for you, taking this on, it might be a busy time for you but who knows better what small kids wear than a lady with small kids! I signed up for such a thing once. I think I profited about $25 – but it was a lot of fun!

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    1. Yes I’ve got bibs aplenty as they are easy to make. Plus I’ve got a reflux baby so I can never have enough bibs. It’s only 10 quid for a stall so I’m hoping I at least break even!

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  3. This sounds like fun – good luck! What about little handbags to match the dresses or hair scrunchies? Both dead quick to make and use up fabric scraps.

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  4. It’s all looking rather fantastic! The hairclips are a cute idea because they’re something little kids could choose for themselves. One of my friends does a market stall of kids’ clothes with her mum, although a lot of their products are knitted, but I believe they sell a lot of things such as hair accessories.

    Good luck with it!

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