My Drugs Den Slash Sewing Space 

Thought I’d give a wee update on my adventures in creating my very own sewing space. With the expansion of our family I’ve lost the spare room which was where I’d previously been camping.

In fact ever since I started sewing 4 years ago I’ve been camping.  Which is reasonable considering it was just a wee hobby when I started. Of course it’s more than just a hobby now. It’s a freaking obsession.

So I clearly need my own dedicated space.

Luckily I came into a bit of cash that has given me the opportunity to build a dedicated space. Since there is no more room inside the house I’ve moved into the garden – a shed to be precise. Or if you want to use the revolting term that has become a thing – a sheshed  (bleurgh).

So my sewing space is 8 foot x 6 foot which is pretty small so we’ve had to be a little clever.

My sewing machine is on an Ikea desk that has served me well up til now.  We’ve then built a standing desk beside it for my overlocker and ironing board.

Also under the standing desk is this drawer set that my dad gave me. It was previously an apple store but he has decided his apples store better in a heap on tarpaulin in the garden rather than in this drawer set so he very kindly lined the drawers with hardboard. Currently only 1 drawer is being used as they are quite shallow drawers. It’s pretty perfect for thread storage though!

On the other long wall of the shed my lovely husband has built me some shelves. My intention is to get all my books and magazines on these shelves as well as my patterns. They need some paint just now though.

The best bit about my shed is the view from my desk. Straight out into the garden!


I’ve found my happy place 😀

p.s. the reason it looks a bit like a drugs den is I’ve been too busy to make curtains. So instead I’ve put tin foil on the windows to stop our local burglar bill spying my machines and breaking in. So a shed in the garden with a power supply and tin foil over the windows…..Hmmmm suspicious!


18 thoughts on “My Drugs Den Slash Sewing Space 

  1. Hahahah! I love your sewing shed/drug den. It looks fantastic. How lovely to be able to get away from everything and escape to a little oasis of calm in the garden. What a fabulous view when you are sewing. It looks really well kitted out and I am in awe that there is such a things are drawers for storing apples. They look perfect for thread. Xx

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  2. Joke not – twee stuff like bunting is essential to ensure the menfolk don’t invade your sheshed and start sneaking manthings in! Perhaps a sheet at the windows would look less suspicious – more student digs than cannabis farm?!

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  3. LOVE IT! So envious. I would stay clear of buntings and cute things though, in my experience, children love (and conquer) small play houses. Idiot question: where/how do you cut your fabric? I’m eyeing a tiny room as sewing a room… but can’t solve the cutting bit, hence the question.


    1. I was going to build a drop leaf table for cutting but couldn’t work out how I’d move to either side without crawling underneath. There’s a couple of ideas around Murphy desks that made me think of using the back of the door as well. However I’ve decided to keep my cutting to the kitchen bunker as it’s served me so well in the past. It’s only a short walk from the shed so not a hassle

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