Sew Simplicity Challenge – children’s wear

By the skin of my teeth…..

I really enjoyed the Sew Simplicity bloggers challenge last year  (even if I was completely overlooked 😁) so when they announced another challenge this year I signed up.

I’ve signed up to a few things this year and they all have a common theme. On each occasion I was sat in a darkened room bored silly breastfeeding my baby daughter. So you’d think I’d have remembered this same baby and her needs when planning silly adventures in sewing ie the needy needy baby that won’t let me go for 5 minutes that makes any sewing challenges utterly impossible.

Anyway here is my entry to the Childrenswear challenge.

I went for the girls version even though I knew I’d have to use serious bribery to get Mini Me to wear it (she’s going through a no dresses phase). Size wise I made an aged 3 version which is quite big on Mini Me who turned 3 in June. I’m thinking this might be better in a few months as it’s pretty big across the chest.

I went for view A but ditched the bow.

I’ve used a yellow broderie anglaise for the main dress and because of the holes I made a second under dress in blue cotton. I used the same blue cotton for the contrasting collar. The arm holes are made in cream bias binding.

In terms of construction I’m thinking I should have done a couple of things differently. I overlocked the seams of the dress and turned them both right side out. I wish now I’d turned the outer dress right side out and the inner dress right side in – ie hidden the messy seams inside. That would have made the zip look less messy on the inside too.

What I did use for the first time was my gathering foot. I cannot believe I had never used this before. It’s freaking brilliant. Makes life so much easier!

In term of the instructions I have to admit I only vaguely looked at them- it’s such a simple dress and I’ve made a similar adult sized dress before. This meant it was a pretty logical make – I mean it’s only a small number of pattern pieces. What could go wrong!

I hand sewed a lot of the collar and then went back over and topstitched it afterwards. I think if I had time I might embroider the collar – or if it was a Christmas dress maybe applique some lace on it. As it’s a summer dress and I’m running out of time I left it plain.

I can imagine this being an easy dress to make in an evening. One of those ‘Oh darn’ moments when you remember your kid needs to be at a party tomorrow and don’t have a dress to wear.

Anyway here are the ubiquitous photos of Mini Me jumping on her bed having been bribed to wear it. In return for her wearing this dress for a photo shoot I have had to promise to make her an Elsa (from Frozen) dress.

Happy days!


7 thoughts on “Sew Simplicity Challenge – children’s wear

  1. What a gorgeous dress and Mini Me looks so cute in it. Sh has such a freekin’ cute smile. The colour combination looks lovely and summery too. Yellow and blue are great together. I am doing the Sew Simplicity challenge again this year too. I wear the top that I made all the time and am going for the “Vintage” category again. I don’t know what I was thinking though, have you seen the pattern? Sheesh! it is not boob-friendly at all. Thank God that the deadline is extended to the 30th September. Good luck in the challenge. 🙂 Xx

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