French fancy?

So I was a happy camper to win a prize from the Monthly Stitch’s Indie Pattern Month. One of my prizes was a pattern from Republique du chiffon. It took me hours of indecision to decide which pattern.

Eventually I settled on the Dominique jumpsuit. It’s so……French! Every review I could find was of a lovely slim, chic understated French lady looking fabulous. All things I’m not sure I’ve ever been considered – eek!

Also this is a scarily small pattern – shamefully I came out as a size 46 which is the largest size this stretches to. Im normally a UK size 14 which is a European 42. So I’m a bit of a chunk but I didnt think I was that fat. Eek again!

I had some red suiting fabric that I’d bought to make Burdastyle cullottes. However the toile was fricking hideous so I decided culottes were not for me and the fabric would be good for a jumpsuit.

This is a beautiful beautiful pattern but it irritated me from the get go. Here’s why:

1) You have to trace your pattern off one sheet which has all the pieces drawn on but overlapping. I hate this. I just want to sew. Tracing things slows me down and means I worry about the accuracy of my pattern pieces. I also have to buy tracing paper which increases the cost of the pattern for me.

2) You have to add a 1cm seam allowance. Why why why why why??? Why can’t they draw their pattern pieces with the allowance. I hate having to add this as it makes me worry about my accuracy again – especially when it involves a collar which for me requires real precision.

Otherwise it’s a pretty quick make. All in all it took 2 evenings to sew it up which is nothing for me.

My concern about this pattern was the high waist – especially on someone who has recently had a baby (totally going to use that excuse for another 14 years). And yet it looks OK.

What I’m not keen on is the flappy trouser legs.  This might be down to the fabric I used. Perhaps if I used denim like the other reviewers it wouldn’t flap so much. I may slim these down to peg legs in future because for now it’s not working for me.

The final photo is the fault of Chris of Said and Done who introduced Jumping for June – I know I know it’s August but I won the pattern in June!


9 thoughts on “French fancy?

  1. What a great price to win a RDC pattern. I like there patterns. The red suits you well and the jumpsuits fits you well. Seam allowances added or not is a subject that I’ve been reading a lot. I’ve learned to use patterns without seam allowances and don’t mind to add them. Most European patterns don’t have seam allowances I think.

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      1. I don’t know why, but as a European I can tell you it frustrates me no end that the US patterns all have seam allowances added. Why oh why? Are USanians unable to add seam allowances themselves, when cutting? I seriously prefer to not have. That way, if I am a bit tight on fabric, I can adjust seamwidth as I go. And I trace the seamlines anyway. I feel it puts more trust in me as a sewist.

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  2. It looks great on you, and why on earth be bothered by size? French sizing is small, always has been, but it is just a number. They could have used hieroglyphs, it is only a way to tell sizes apart. You need your measuring tape anyway. And you are in no way fat, just so you know. That last photo is fab!

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  3. Ignore the size, girl! Sizing is crazy, and it’s usefulness is limited to telling me where to cut. You’re not fat! You have been trying so many things lately that I’m scared of…fitting pants, fitting button-downs, fitting button-downs attached to pants (er, sorry, trousers). Rock on!

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