Freddie Mercury Bikini 

Because Fat Bottomed Girls you make the rocking world go round!

Dedicated to the fabulous Freddie Mercury who would have been 70 last week.


I did it. I made a bikini. It not only fits but it hasn’t unravelled despite some rigorous use in the water park.

Last year in blog world everyone seemed to be making underwear but I couldn’t join in because I was fat and pregnant. This year I still couldn’t because I’m breastfeeding and let’s face it nursing bra patterns will never set the sewing market on fire.

Instead I had a shot at a bikini. I wrote a whole post about the various option for people my size and competence sewing before deciding to go with this McCalls pattern that promises to be everything to everyone.

I’ve only made up one version so far but I’m impressed with this pattern. It’s relatively straightforward to sew up. The cut is flattering and the materials reasonably easy to work with.
There are a few issues though.

1) elastic choice is critical

Initially I started with some white ribbed elastic that was marketed as swimwear elastic.  Bollocks is it.  Cue much swearing and throwing away of gorgeous fabric.

My second attempt was using clear elastic which was fabulous to work with once the first couple of stitches went through.

2) Fabric choice

Getting swimsuit fabric in the UK was challenging. The pattern calls for 2 way stretch which I couldn’t find in Edinburgh shops so I was at the mercy of the Internet. I hate buying stretch material on the Internet and have made many bad purchases by relying on the blurb on websites. I’ve had some great fabric from Fabworks recently though and by and large found their blurbs a good description. They suggest that lightweight scuba can be used for swimwear.

I got this tropical print scuba which works as swimsuit material. It’s not as stretchy though – it kind of acts as a pair of control pants.  Given the size of my post-baby tummy I quite liked this.

For the lining fabric I threw myself at the mercy of eBay and somehow have bought the perfect lining fabric.

3) Amount of fabric needed on the envelope is bonkers

If you read the envelope you’ll buy waaaaay too much fabric. I think they’ve described the yardage if you were to make ALL the swimsuit versions in the envelope. I don’t mind because I think I can make a rather lovely pencil skirt with the left over scuba.

4) Sizing

The bikini bottoms were nigh on perfect for me. They do roll over a little at the top but I find high waisted pants always do on me.

Weirdly for the first time in my life I could actually go down a size on the bikini top. I normally buy quite expensive bikinis to cope with my generous boobage and to avoid overspill. Tis a weird sensation to have a bikini top be too big for me!

The only difference to the initial pattern was I made it a tie back instead of a clip. The only reason was I delayed buying a clip until the day before we flew to Cyprus and stupidly bought one that was too small. I’ll convert it to a clip next time I go away as I’d prefer to only have one tie to worry about pinging open.

So here’s hoping Freddie Mercury would approve of my Fat Bottomed Girls bikini (I had a vague notion of trying to get a photo of me on a bicycle on it but thought I’d put all the neighbours off their breakfast).

I will definitely be making more of these!

(oh dear God I have willingly put a photo of me in a bikini on the Internet)

24 thoughts on “Freddie Mercury Bikini 

    1. I’m aiming for the bandeau top and bikini bottoms next time. I don’t have any excuse to make one for a while though unless I could pull it off at Loanhead pool?!

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  1. Oh dear God, not only one but two pictures! 😎 And they’re friggin’ awesome. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, you look fab, dahling! Maybe I should try these next year…we’ll see. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You look fabulous. What post baby belly? Thanks for the tip on using lightweight scuba for swimwear – I did not realise that it works. I actually think there is more choice in terms of prints with scuba than with actual swimwear lycra.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looking gorgeous! Good tip on the fabric – it’s always such a struggle to get anything in a Lycra that isn’t iridescent… What lining did you use? Please divulge your sources! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ridiculous how much fabric was left but great that it’s enough for a skirt! You look fabulous! I also want to sew a bathing suit, have it cut out and everything. Just a matter of not being intimidated by it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did think it was all a bit weird when I read the back of the packet but have limited brain cells to think ahead at the moment. It’s lovely fabric so I’m quite happy with having leftover

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