Ubiquitous Disney Princess costume 

So it’s been almost a year since Mini Me liked anything I made for her. As a result I’ve largely given up making her things. Until now!

So she’s a typical 3 year old – bloody minded and determined to do things her own way. She’s got a very certain dress sense as well.

A few months ago she wore her Doctors scrubs every single day for a month  (I steal her clothes at night to wash them). She’s now going through a Princess phase and has worn this awful pink (3rd hand) polyester princess dress for about a month now. So we needed something for her to wear when the Princess dress was being washed.

Elsa to the rescue!

What does a £3 bridesmaid dress from a charity shop and a £10 Ikea net curtain have in common? They work flipping fantastic together as a Elsa dress.

This dress is dead easy to put together. I followed my own path a little bit with the cape at the back so Mini Me can get it on and off herself. Instead of having it loose I tucked it into the zip so it won’t get caught as she tries to put it on and off. If I make this again I’ll make the cape separately so it can be a sleeveless dress as it might be more practical for Mini Me when playing.

The pattern cost £8 and in my mind is pretty good value because I can also make Anna’s dress and probably make a whole stash of Disney Princess dresses using this as a basis. Personally I prefer Anna to Elsa but what do I know!

So here we go – not the best photos but check out the size of her smile!

Join me people…….Let it Go, Let it Go, Can’t hold it back anymore!


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