The fickleness of threenagers 

I used to feature Mini Me quite regularly on here but she’s dropped by the wayside since she developed really strong opinions on what she will and will not wear.

  • she will not wear dresses unless it’s an Elsa dress
  • she will not wear jeans
  • she will not wear jumpers unless it’s  purple velour hoodie with diamantés  (even just typing that makes me boak)
  • she will not wear trousers

What she will wear are leggings and tshirts. Which isn’t terrible except this is Scotland and we are heading into autumn so she really needs something warmer.

I really wanted to make her a tartan wool coat this winter. Sadly I struggled to find fabric that was a decent price given I was running a real risk that she’d refuse to wear it. There is some beautiful wool tartan fabrics in the Edinburgh shops but with prices starting at around 15 quid a metre it could be an expensive experiment.

Instead I trawled eBay for end of roll sales and ended up with this yellow wool mix. Which looks and feels nothing like its description. I’d never have bought this if I’d seen it in a shop. But the weather has turned cold quickly here so I had to crack on and get a winter coat sorted for Mini Me even if shells look like Big Bird.

I used Oliver and S’s Lazy School Days jacket pattern. This is my second time with this pattern and I still love it except for the duffel fastenings. In total this took me 3 hours to sew up which is pretty fast given it’s fully lined (with a duvet from Ikea!) and I’d lost the instructions. Thankfully there is a handy sewalong blog on the Internet.

I put magnet fastenings instead of the duffel buttons. Partly because I’d read bad reviews about the durability of the duffel closures and partly because I wasn’t sure Mini Me would cope with the duffel fastening when wearing mittens. The pink buttons are just for decoration – Mr King said if I used pink Mini Me would be more likely to wear it. It’s a logic that I couldn’t argue with.

All in all this is a nice big coat for winter. Id do a few things differently e.g. I wish I’d interfaced the placket and I wish I’d used batting as interlining to increase its strength and warmth. Next time! And there will definitely be a next time – possibly in the same fabric for Miniest Me! Even if I do think it’s terribly twee to dress your kids the same I have all this fabric sitting looking at me…..


12 thoughts on “The fickleness of threenagers 

  1. Nicely done! My sister used to sew her boys’ clothes. It was quick to make and saved her lots of money since she was careful with her fabric purchases. This coat is so adorable and fancy with the contrasting limit it looks like something from a speciality shop. My kids? They refused to wear anything that wasn’t store bought like their friends. 😞


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