A Christening gown fit for a King (or 3 Kings)

Little Beatrice King is getting christened.

With the first Mini Me we had her christened at 8 weeks and she fitted into a gown made by Mr King’s grandmother (with some rather impressive pin tucks). This time we’ve waited til Bea is 6 months old and so her royal chubbiness won’t fit the gown.

Baby’s Christening Gown

I opted to make her one using Made by Rae’s Geranium pattern. I love this classic dress pattern and have made umpteen now for Mini Me and friends.

I got some simple cotton and a sheer voile cotton with hibiscus flowers on it from Remnant Kings in Edinburgh. I think the sales lady was briefly trying to encourage me to cut up my wedding dress for the christening gown but the look of horror on my face may have put her off pushing it any further. There is no way I’m cutting up my beautiful wedding dress for such a tiny dress. The girls can decide what to do with it when they are older – in the meantime I will insist on doing the hoovering wearing it once a year.

Originally I’d intended to do the flutter sleeves but the voile was just too thin and my machine ate it. It’s one of those fabrics that are gorgeous but still involve lots of swearing.

The hibiscus print is particularly lovely as Mr King and I met in Fiji. Most parties we went to in Fiji involved wearing Hibiscus flowers or frangipani behind our ears.

Sister of the Baby

To go with Bea’s gown I was also persuaded to make a dress for Mini Me. Bearing in mind this child has refused to wear any dress made by me since Christmas 2015 I’ve had to be persuaded.

She’s going through a Princess phase (yes dear feminists of the world I’m weeping too – do all 3 year olds do this??) and so fancied something really frou frou which is about a million miles away from my taste. So I’ve made a larger Geranium dress but this time with the skirt made from truly frustrating sequin fabric that makes my sewing machine whine in despair.

I picked all the sequins off the seams allowance one long evening (involving wine) and I still managed to break 2 needles.

I lined the dress with simple white cotton except I didn’t have quite enough for the skirt so patched together a couple of pieces to make a fuller underskirt.

Verdict – Mini Me loves it and I don’t hate it.

Mother of the Baby Gown

Finally there is a dress for me. Sadly I’ve not managed to wean this stubborn baby off the boob so again needed a dress with access. A review on Pattern Review suggested this pattern was suitable for breastfeeding- I’d actually have bought this even if not as I like it’s style and versatility.

This dress actually deserves it’s own blog post as everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Watch this space!

Hopefully you agree that us 3 Kings look cracking on Beatrice’s big day. We brushed our hair and everything!


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