All the random thoughts in my head

I’ve a few small updates that a tiny minority of people might be interested in *waves*

New Blog Name!

I’ve changed the name of my blog to something a bit more witty and fun. It’s also an attempt to marry together all my social media accounts. When I first launched this blog 2 years ago I just wanted somewhere to document my makes. I didn’t know people actually read blogs. I used tutorials in blogs but didn’t religiously read them so it’s been a bit of a revelation since I started that there is this whole world of other sewers. I feel like I’ve made lots of mates since I started blogging and yet I’ve never met a single one!

So here I am reintroducing myself as Sew Sleep Deprived on WordPress, on Instagram as @sew_sleep_deprived
and Twitter as @lesley_sews (they won’t let me have Sew Sleep Deprived as it’s too long).

Currently I’ve only changed my handle on WordPress and not the domain name as that costs money. Is that a mistake do you think?
Selling stuff

I recently had a stall at our village fun day selling some kids clothes I’d made. This was my first attempt at selling anything and I was pretty terrified that I’d be laughed out the park. So I was pretty chuffed when  I managed to sell something within 15 minutes.

I made a modest amount on the day. Definitely enough to make the venture worthwhile.
What has been interesting though is I’ve made almost the same amount since through friends and word of mouth. Friends and friends of friends have been contacting me by text and email to ask if they can buy stuff as presents which is such a lovely compliment. It’s really heartwarming to see a kid walk into playgroup wearing one of my creations.

Despite my success I’ve decided to not do a Christmas stall purely because I’m having fun sewing for me at the moment but I think I’ll definitely have a stall at the fun day again.

The Little Red Dress Project 

I saw this being shared on Instagram and am all signed up. RunninginStyle has challenged us all to make a little red dress by 21st December. She’s actually challenged a bunch of vloggers but there is no chance I’m going to step in front of a video camera anytime soon so I’ll just participate through my blog instead.

Red being my favourite colour for clothes and needing a new dress for Christmas I’m all over this challenge like snot all over a toddler.
Current thoughts are either Simple Sew’s Ruby Dress or Vogue’s 8685 which I’ve made a couple of versions of but have in no way exhausted this pattern yet. I’m thinking red scuba?!

Scottish Sewers Meet Up?

I’m jealous as hell of all these meet ups that have been happening south of the border. There’s a Leeds meet up soon, there was Sew Brum, there was the Fold Lines weekend retreat in Cambridge. Maybe one day I could make it to one of these but my clingy bottle refusing baby hasn’t made it possible yet.

Edinburgh doesn’t have a huge range of fabric shops that are within walking distance of one another but there is a lovely gallery at the Museum of Scotland celebrating fashion. I’m wondering how I might go about organising a meet up with South of Scotland sewing bloggers for a coffee and chat, a mooch round the museum and maybe a wee perusal round  fabric shop or two. Does anyone fancy joining me?

Do we need a jazzy tag like #sewscottish or #sewuptoon? Help!
I thibk that’s all my ramblings for today. Can you tell the baby has started waking me at 5.30??

9 thoughts on “All the random thoughts in my head

  1. Definitely up for a #SewScottish Meetup or #SewEdina – I’m pretty sure there are a few Scottish sewing bloggers out there that would like to meet up … I’ll try and reach out to them via my social media and blog too!

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  2. Love the new blog name!
    I would love to make a Scottish Sewing meet up. I’m originally from Edinburgh but the only fabric shops I know of really are John Lewis, one near the Bruntsfield Hotel and the one near the old Odeon cinema (so not far from the museum). Would love to find out about more fabric shops.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah hello fellow ‘burgher. Sadly there are only 2 or 3 more shops than you described and none of them are in walking distance. I’m always jealous of people who have fabric streets or markets


    1. Mini Me instructed me that she’d also like a red dress so I may have even more “encouragement” to sew (picture an irate 3 year old standing over you saying “have you done it yet” over and over and over until it’s done)

      Liked by 1 person

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