Fester Addams’ little sister?

I have had a month of sewing for the little people in my life. This is the last for a while because they most certainly have a better wardrobe than me now.

little Bea has a winter coat she’s inherited from her sister but sadly as she’s a chunkier monkey than Mini Me it’s a little small for her already. Given we have a snow warning for today it’s probably not a moment too soon I made her a new one.

I used the Oliver and S lazy school days pattern again. After a discussion with Mr King I decided to make the 12- 18 months size as his logic was “she’ll be 12 months in March and will still need a coat”.

Good logic except I hadn’t remembered how much babies grow in the first year. More on this later.

I used leftover wool fabric from a cape i made a couple of years ago to make the jacket but didn’t have enough to make a hood. The lining is an old pair of my Grandma’s curtains. They’re a bit faded in places but it gives it a kind of vintage feel maybe???

Anyhoo instead of a hood I drafted a wee collar out of the lining and used lace as a trim. In retrospect  wish I’d made the collar deeper. As it’s so short it stands up which means the fabric looks upside down.

Again I used magnetic snaps as closures (with fake buttons on the front) rather than the much discussed duffel toggles the pattern calls for. Who can be arsed doing buttons up on a wriggling screaming baby when magnetic snaps will do.

All of this except hand sewing the lining took me 1 baby nap. Which means I didn’t try it on her til late in the project….

It’s flipping HUGE!!




But as I’m now out of fabric and can’t be bothered unpicking things she’s just going to have to wear it until she grows into it.

Poor kid looks like Fester Addams though. Can you tell which one is which?


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