Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your grubby short hair

Mini Me has moved on from her Elsa obsession. She’s grown and matured and decided she now wants to be Rapunzel from Tangled.

Which is a good thing as the Elsa dress I made her is destroyed. The cape fabric (a net curtain from Ikea) was a bad choice and has come away at nearly all the seams. Plus the bottom is so dirty it looks like a brown dress below the knees.

So a whole new obsession requires a whole new dress. My Mother in Law helped out by supplying the fabric from her stash. This was the leftover material from my Sister in law’s bridesmaid dresses made by the MIL.

It’s very slippy and soft which makes it a bit of a bugger to work with. It also frays as soon as you look at it. For that reason I overlocked every piece before starting work which meant rethreading my machine and lots of swearing. Happy days.

I hacked the Simplicity Frozen dress patterns. I made the neckline square like Rapunzel in the Disney movie. I also sewed a ribbon on the front to make it look like laces around buttons. In the movie the sleeves are super puffy at the top and slim fit below. We agreed that a short sleeve dress might last longer though so in the end I did a puffy sleeve by slashing and sticking the pattern piece onto paper. I finished it with a short cuff.

I was also going to use some light purple as a contrast on the bodice since Rapunzels dress is really a lighter colour than the purple I had. I only had some small pieces though so I had to plan it carefully. And then I went upstairs to pick the baby out of the cot and saw this on my return.

Yes it’s Mini Me, a pair of scissors and the light purple fabric. She was helping apparently. I’m told I should be pleased she’s trying to take after me. Hmmmm.

Anyhoo the bodice is fully lined with quite a thick cotton which I hoped might give it some strength (Mini Me is an exuberant player) and warmth since its now freaking cold.

Final result is a happy child (except she’s still pissed at me that I can’t make her hair magically grown past her knees).


7 thoughts on “Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your grubby short hair

  1. What a darling dress & helper & still breathing! Wow you are super mom I would have melted down seeing mine with the scissors in hand! She is adorable in the purple

    Liked by 1 person

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