Blind dating sewing style

A couple of months ago my insane jealousy of all the English meet ups (Sew Up North, Sew Brum etc) took over my keyboard and I put a shout out to other Scottish sewers to meet up. At that point in time I knew exactly 2 Edinburgh based sewers and had never ever met a real one in real life.

So thank God for the power of social media. It all snowballed from there and before I knew it I was in touch with oodles of new sewing friends.

So yesterday was the day. Emma and I were at the coffee shop bright and early and eager. And for 10 minutes there was minor panic as no one else was there……and then boom! People started to arrive. In all we had 12 on the day as a whole bunch of people had to call off at the last minute.

Aside from my mother in law this was the first time I’ve ever met other sewing enthusiasts in person. How freaking cool is it to actually speak to a real actual person about things. We went for a wander round the Museum of Scotland’s new fashion exhibit. It’s so nice to look at garments with fellow sewers and actually chat about construction and fabric and swoon together.

After that was lunch and the fabric and pattern swap. Somehow my desire for fabric over-rode my British politeness and despite only giving over 3 patterns and 2 metres of fabric I’ve ended up with 3 parcels of fabric and 2 patterns. Freaking hell!

I’ve got 2 metres of giraffe fabric. GIRAFFES! 1 metre of African wax. AFRICAN WAX! And a couple metres of floral poplin perfect for little girl dresses.

And as if that wasn’t enough I got 2 patterns that I’d totally have paid real actual money for.

Which was Edinburgh Fabrics’,  our next stop, downfall. I went with a purse full of money fully intending to spend some cash on fabric…..and came away with nothing! Clearly I’d been spoiled by the fabric and pattern swap!

We’re hoping there will be another Scottish meet up. There’s talk of Glasgow or Dunbar for future meets. Either way it would just be lovely to meet and talk to fellow sewing fanatics.

*Happy sigh*


17 thoughts on “Blind dating sewing style

  1. Brilliant idea to arrange your own! I did the same in Dewsbury a couple of years ago, I found it really stressful before hand and dreamt no one turned up. But if was fab! Then I went to Sewbrum and Sew Up North. It really makes a difference finding new friends who sew. One of them has started coming to gym classes too do it really does open up a new world.
    You really did the right thing organising your own, they will be popping up everywhere these meet ups if others do the same as you 🙂

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    1. Oh yes it was a little stressful so I’m quite thankful we had such a moderate number. If it was the size of the Sew Up North one it’d be like I was at work! Looking forward to going to someone else’s organised event tho!

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  2. It was such a fantastic day and once the main ideas were touched based on it was all go! Definitely recommend it to others who want to meet up with fellow sewists and bloggers alike. Totally looking forward to a trip through to Glasgow now! And I’ve got so many ideas to check out now from yesterday too! Was thrilled to get too patterns I had my beady eye on for a while too!

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    1. I was in touch with 2 other people – by weird coincidence I went to school with one but hadn’t seen her since I left. The other is very connected and put me in touch with a few folks. Otherwise I found people by instagram and the blog.


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