Skirting around the issue

I’m on a bent to fill my wardrobe with clothes that fit, are practical for my life and might actually go with other things in my wardrobe.

Therein lies my problem. I cannot help myself when it comes to buying things in wild colours. I’m like a chameleon that has lost its ability to change colour – so instead I surround myself with every single ruddy colour under the sun.

I blame my mother. She definitely has a tendency towards the dramatic when it comes to colours and patterns. Her hall wallpaper is a case in point!

So I’ve made a plan of items to sew and colours in which to sew them. My core colours are navy, red, yellow and white. All colours I already have things of in my wardrobe.

Anyway I’ve had this plan exactly 1 month and I’ve already gone off piste on colour three times. In my defence the fabric was discounted and looked really pretty.

So onto filling gaps in my wardrobe – skirts.

First up is the Moss skirt from Grainline studios. I was lucky enough to win this pattern during the Monthly Stitch‘s Indie Pattern Month. It’s a classic A-line denim skirt pattern but can be made with an assortment of fabrics.

I’ve made up 2 – one in lovely soft Grey denim from Fabworks Mill and the other in this hot pink Kikoy fabric.

My kikoy fabric came from Kenya. It’s ordinarily used to make scarves but anyone who has been to my house might recognise this fabric. That’s because my living room curtains are made from it 😃.

I bought it 4 years ago on this brilliant Street in Nairobi – Biashara Street.  It’s an entire Street of fabric shops with tonnes of amazing kikoy and kanga fabrics and some upholstery fabrics too. All in lovely lovely African prints.
It’s quite a loose weave though and not hugely suited to clothing that needs integrity. But a skirt or a jacket is fine.

For this version of the Moss skirt I’ve used a cotton for the waistband lining and pockets to give it a bit of strength.

Check out this pattern matching

I’m also wearing a kikoy here as they are intended for tourists – as a scarf.

The second Moss skirt is with a soft Grey denim. This has swiftly become my “Mum uniform”. It’s got some stretch and magical powers to hide stains. Love it!

Finally I’ve made up the wiggle skirt from the GBSB book “From stitch to style” – it’s a pattern hack of the peplum dress converting it from woven to knit. I used leftover over scuba from my summer bikini project. It’s an easy easy make though a few steps in the book aren’t terribly clearly explained including whether the vent is kept or not.

I like it but would prefer it longer. I’m tempted to close the vent and put a flounce round the bottom to lengthen it. Except then it won’t just be a simple skirt anymore.I kind of need simple silhouettes in my wardrobe.

Anyway hurrah for 3 new wearable items in my wardrobe which are practical and pretty!

If you’re British and interested in kikoy fabric there is a company here that imports them.


14 thoughts on “Skirting around the issue

  1. I went out yesterday especially to buy black and navy to tone down my rainbow-vomit wardrobe! Just a tunic and a pair of leggings, though nothing that will take over my love of bright colours. Love your ‘curtain’ skirt the best. So cheery at this time of year.

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