The forgiving Christmas dress

If you listen to the church a big theme of Christianity is forgiveness. Therefore to celebrate Christmas I’ve made myself a frock that’s very forgiving (ie I could eat a lot of turkey in this).

I wanted to join in Running in Style’s Little Red Dress Project because I’ve almost, kind of, probably, mostly stopped breastfeeding so I could make a dress in whatever style I wanted. Whoop whoop! Also red is my favourite colour for clothes so this project was right up my street.

This Vogue pattern is one of my favourites although I’ve only made 3 dresses from it to date. It says you’re meant to use fabrics with only a moderate stretch but I’ve found most stretch fabrics are fine – I just size down a bit.

Fabworks is my new favourite online shop. Sadly they’d run out of pillar box red Scuba but I figured the orange/red was red enough to work. It’s a medium weight scuba which means it holds the shape very well but it’s also thick enough to keep me warm in winter.

Initially I made up the long length sleeves and skirt. Unfortunately I ended up looking like a North Sea Fisherman or a RNLI lifeboat man. Not exactly the look I was aiming for.

So I hacked off the skirt and the sleeves. Except I was being a bit lackadaisical about the skirt and ended up cutting it a bit short for my liking and it’s also gone a bit high/lo as well. I’m going to pretend it was a style feature. The scuba on the neckline is also a bit odd – makes it a bit gappy. I’m also going to pretend this was a style feature.

Styling is my next issue – black shoes and tights make me look like a Dundee United football fan. Brown shoes and nude tights make me look a bit casual. 

In which case I thought I’d bust out my Grandma’s old fur coat (think it might actually have been her mothers originally). It’s that or the fake fur thingy I made a couple of years ago (I’m less likely to get red paint thrown at me wearing this).

On a side note – how do people with small children take photos without constantly being photobombed. Smallest child face planted just as this photo was taken!


12 thoughts on “The forgiving Christmas dress

  1. Yes, mama! This a gorgeous flattering cut on you (which is not news to you as you’ve made it before). I love that red is your fave colour as it suits your personality down to a tee šŸ™‚ (and your colouring too). Were you able to stretch the neckband as you sewed it? The sticky up neck is same issue as I had with my Linden before I re-attached it and stretched it as I sewed. But as you’ve made this dress before, I’m sure in teaching granny how to suck eggs! šŸ˜‰ Coyld also be the firm structure of the scuba though eh? Love your fake fur shrug. Nearly laughed out loud on the bus just now reading your Pat Butcher post šŸ™‚

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    1. I did make the neckline a little shorter but haven’t used this scuba before – think will try shortening it more if I was to make it with scuba again. Great advice!


  2. Nice save on the dress! Scuba is one knit I’m not really keen on trying for some reason. Maybe I just haven’t seen the right pattern yet. What about navy or gray as colors to go with?

    Enjoy the photo bombing while it lasts. It seems *most* kids will suddenly decide they don’t want to be within 10 miles of a camera, unless they are the one taking the pictures.

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