Top 5 Hits of 2016

I love Gillian of crafting a rainbows encouragement to reflect on your years sewing. This is my top 5 Hits of 2016

2016 was the year of the Baby for me. The first 3 months I was expanding at the rate of knots, the next 9 months I deflated a little but really it was all about getting the boobs out hence Operation Boob – my attempt at sewing a breastfeeding friendly wardrobe.
Number 5: Ankara trousers

These are Sew Over It’s ultimate trouser pattern which I’ve made many times before. The thing that made these trousers so special wasn’t the pattern – it’s the fact that they won me 5 patterns in the Monthly Stitch’s Indie Pattern Month. Yay!

Number 4: Running jacket

Part of my attempt to lose weight post-baby was to start running again. I made 2 jackets from Greenstyle – a sleeveless for summer and a long sleeve for autumn and winter. I’ve been out running twice a week since baby was 2 months old which makes these jackets among the most worn me-made items in my wardrobe. I’m planning a third with a hood in fluorescent colours for when I start work again in January since I’ll likely be running in the dark evenings then.

This is my sweaty happy face the first time I managed to run 5km without stopping.

Number 3: Freddie Mercury Bikini

This is the first time I’ve ventured into sewing swimwear – I’ve never tried underwear either so this was quite a jump for me. It’s not the best fit and it’s not the best sewing but damn I was proud of myself every time I wore this on holiday.

Number 2: Anderson blouse

The pattern straight out the packet is waaaaay too big and gappy for me. Also, as described by so many people, the ribbon closure on the bottom is a faff and annoying. However with adaptions  (narrow shoulders adjustment, smaller size, elastic instead of ribbon and a bigger overlap on front) this shirt is a brilliant day to day blouse and not just for breastfeeding. I have another 2 planned for the New Year including 1 in giraffe print I got from the recent Edinburgh meet up.

Number 1: Archer shirt

I sewed this for the first time in February and messed up the sizing but the first version was good for those first few weeks post-baby when everything wobbles.

The second I made 2 weeks post-baby and is by far my most worn make EVER. I’ve had strangers ask me if it’s Joules or Fat Face so they can buy it – the ultimate compliment for any sewer is someone mistaking your clothes for shop bought. Boom!

My third was this sleeveless gingham number. Swiftly followed by this smarter blue shirt.

I bought this pattern purely to allow me to breastfeed and yet it’s become my favourite day-to-day pattern post-breastfeeding as well.

In reflection I’ve doubled up on makes this year. Clearly I’m getting better at buying patterns that really suit my lifestyle instead of just making nice dresses that are impractical.

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Hits of 2016

  1. Love those shirts! But what leaves me really speechless is the fact that you have doubled your output in the same year you had a baby!!!! You really must be wonderwoman!

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  2. All of them are great makes, but I really love that gingham shirt. I can’t believe you made all of those garments while caring for a new born. Honestly…Kudos to you!

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  3. What lovely garments. I love seeing people’s “Top 5 of…….”. There are a bewildering amount of patterns out there and it is lovely to see which ones are worth sewing. I absolutely love your ankara suit. It is the mutt’s. Plus, that lovely floral shirt. Xx

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