Top 5 Misses

Again using Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow as my guide here is my list of 5 misses:

Honestly I’m stumped. I’ve worn everything I’ve made this year multiple times. There are items that I’ve made mistakes on that aren’t perfect but really they’ve all been worn anyway and unless I point it out no one has noticed.

Actually this makes me quite happy as it’s an indication that either my sewing is getting better or my laziness at rectifying my mistakes is reducing. Both positives!

So here is a list of my mistakes instead

Number 5: Elsa cape

Mini Me is obsessed with Elsa in Frozen so I made her the Elsa dress but I was trying to do it as cheaply as possible. The dress was made from a bridesmaid dress I picked up in a charity shop. I thought I was being clever with the cape by using a net curtain from Ikea.

Unfortunately my cheapness has been my downfall. The fabric has frayed at every single stitch line resulting in many many holes.

Of course it hasn’t stopped Mini Me wearing it. In fact the only reason she’s not wearing it every day now is because I made her a Rapunzel dress so she can mix it up a bit.

Number 4: Gilet

Made whilst heavily pregnant with the hope of fitting it once no longer pregnant. I used my normal measurements but went one size up and ended up with a Gilet that fitted me when 9 months pregnant. Whoopsie.

Except I still wear it with a long sleeve and jeans and still get nice comments. It’s slouchy so I can get away with it.

Number 3: Archer shirt

I had this on my top 5 list but the first shirt is also on this list. I read the instructions wrong (or I didn’t really read them at all) and hadn’t realised one side should be narrower than the other. Which means when the button band went on it went totally skew-whiff which I didn’t notice til the end and couldn’t be bothered fixing (I was 8 months pregnant and VERY bad tempered!). So I only wear the shirt unbuttoned but I like the fabric so much I can’t bear to throw it away

Number 2: Christening dress
This was meant to be an easy make dress to wear to my daughters christening. Except I was a fool and went off my old measurements not my new ones. I used to be perfectly in proportion – if I’m a 12 on my bust I’m a 12 on my waist and hips too. Except post baby my waist is no longer in proportion which I’d been ignoring until now.

I think I unpicked the waistband on this about 18 times. I’m surprised the fabric held up in unpicked it so many times. It’s a good thing my shed is quite well insulated as there was quite a bit of swearing.

I also managed to rip the arm holes pulling it on and off when I hadn’t done any stay Stitching. Thankfully I managed to repair it and had a lovely day.

Number 1: Rapunzel dress

Another make that is getting lots of wear but has caused me grief both during and after the making is the Rapunzel dress.

During the making the little toad thought she was being helpful by cutting fabric when I left the room necessitating a different approach to the bodice.

Then 2 weeks after the zip busted. Who knew a decades old zip from my Grandma’s stash would be a bad choice. I admit I was being cheap again and didnt want to use one of my zips. Sadly it separated at the bottom so I had to replace it.

Another downside to this dress is the fabric is very lightweight satin and not really designed for a mauling in the playpark or sliding down stairs. It’s getting lots of pulled threads and looks less than pristine.

However as with all the makes listed above its getting a lot of wear anyway.


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