Top 5 Non-Sewing Highlights 

Yep I’m still following the Top 5 Hits and Misses from Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow.

Number 5: Mini Me learning to write her name

We went for lunch recently at a place that gives kids crayons to draw while you wait for your food. My neice asked who had written Mini Me’s name on the paper. We all looked blankly at one another while Mini Me gaily wrote her name again and again.

It probably helps that it’s only 4 letters but I’m still pretty impressed that a 3 year old can sign her name (in mirror image)

Number 4: Barra when not pregnant

We’ve been lucky enough to holiday on the island of Barra a few times now. it’s in the Outer hebrides in Scotland and is truly gorgeous.

We were there in August this year and had the best weather we’ve ever had when there. We were making sandcastles on the beach and wearing shorts! In the Outer Hebrides! Unheard of.

Number 3: Freda

When my husband and I first met we bought a knackered old campervan (Bertha) and drove across Europe to Cyprus. It was a truly cool adventure that we often reminisce about. Sadly our old van Bertha ended her days with us at Calais on the drive home (we were towed home by the AA!).

Since then we’ve wanted to buy another campervan and in January this year we finally got our wish and bought Freda. She’s a lovely wee van that has a ginormous awning. We’ve not camped in her yet (but have had oodles of picnics) because of me being fat and pregnant and then us having a very grumpy baby who doesn’t sleep very well.

Next year though we’re going to Holland in Freda!

Number 2: The baby sleeping through

This was a toss up between having the baby or the first time the baby slept through 10 days ago. On reflection the baby was my number 1 highlight.

Number 1: Beatrice

She came in March and was a tough little baby to look after for the first 6 months but she’s now turning in a lovely cheeky wee monkey. I’m now counting my blessings she came along.


9 thoughts on “Top 5 Non-Sewing Highlights 

      1. Yours looks great. We only have one as hubby has owned it forever and won’t part with it. It was a daily driver but not for the last five years and kids too little to camp in it before that. Still need to fix seats suitable for car seats but it needs to get finished next year.

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