Top 5 Reflections

My second last top 5 list following Crafting a Rainbows excellent prompt list.

Number 5 Children are fickle

Since Christmas 2015 Mini Me refused to wear anything I had made her. All she wanted to wear was leggings and tshirts and SHE would choose which ones.

So I gave up making her things but continued to try to persuade her. I took her fabric shopping which she enjoyed but refused anything I made from the trips. I let her look at catalogues and cut out pictures and make a look book. Again she liked the activity but refused anything I offered to make her.

Until the Disney Corporation stepped in that is. I offered to make her an Elsa dress from Frozen and she was happy as Larry.  since then I’ve made her a number of dresses and items all of which have been enthusiastically accepted and worn.

Yippee! Except of course now I have a little slave driver who visits my shed sporadically to demand new clothes.

Number 4 Writing a plan is good but being a slave to it is  not good

For the first half of 2016 I was planning my Operation Boob wardrobe- clothes to allow me to breastfeed. It went well but it did get boring .

For the second half I started planning my capsule wardrobe but wandered off plan within weeks because my head was turned by some lovely pretty fabric. I was berating myself but then after to talking with other fellow sewists they reckoned following a plan slavishly removes the fun from sewing. So I’ve given myself a break and reminded myself I sew for fun not just for function.

Number 3 Getting my own space made my tidier

I’ve been camping out since I started sewing 4 years ago. In the spare room, then the hall and then the baby’s room. So you’d think I’d have been exceptionally tidy since I was in such a small space – instead it made me a bit chaotic since I just had to stash things in random places whenever we needed the space.

I moved out to the Shedquarters this summer and opening the door still gives me a little thrill. Mr King joked about how messy it would get though since I’m not the tiniest person ever. I think he had visions of it becoming a tiny little warren of fabric and pins that I’d burrow myself into.

And yet strangely I’ve altered my personality and become very tidy and ordered. Everything has a place and gets returned to its place either each day or at the end of each project. I love it but may not promise to keep it tidy forever!

My new planning board – bulldog clips with the next project line up along the wall.
Number 2 Sewing is good for me and my family 

Carving out “me” time has been a challenge this year. The new baby was a bit of a toughie and didnt like to let me out of her sight. However if I managed to get away and do some sewing I felt so much better. Time and space for oneself is so important for the soul that the benefits are felt by everyone around me – it’s not just about the new clothes they get out of it.

Number 1: Good enough to sell

Since I started sewing people were often lovely and said how they thought I could sell my garments. I’ve even been approached by friends to make them things for money but I always managed to sidestepp the request.

Personally I didn’t think my garments were that well made and I didn’t think it was possible to make money from them. So I can only imagine I was a little mad when I decided to run a stall at our village fun day selling some kids clothes.

The event went quite well but it’s the aftermath that has been particularly pleasing. I sold as much in the week after to friends who now realised they could buy things off me as I did on the day.

Even more pleasing was the email I got some months after from a complete stranger asking to buy trousers for her kid because she loved the ones she’d bought at the stall. She’d tracked down my email from a friend of a friend!

How big an accolade is it for people to buy your handmade items out of choice rather than sympathy?!


7 thoughts on “Top 5 Reflections

  1. Loved reading this post and found myself nodding my head along to your reflections especially the one about carving out sewing time. If I didnt sew I’d be a really bad mum and person in general so its sooo important to make the time. Have a lovely Christmas and a joyous New Year!

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  2. I too found myself nodding along with your reflections. Your planning board idea is great and I’ve loved seeing all your creations this year. I also feel so much better when I get that sewing time to myself, it’s as much about the act of creating as it is about getting new clothes. In fact I’m off for a quick 30mins sewing in my little cubbyhole under the stairs!

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