From babies to boardroom

With my return to work imminent I became concerned with something terribly terribly important. What the heck would I wear on my first day back at work given the number of biscuits I’ve been eating on maternity leave.

I got the Simple Sews Skater dress free with a magazine last year and put it aside. It looked like a nice simple dress that would hide a few (rolls of) sins.

I’ve only made one Simple Sews pattern before but had serious issues with its sizing i.e. I was able to fit it when 7 months pregnant. However from the reviews I read no one seemed to have an issue with the sizing. Going by my measurements (serious lack of waist definition right now – see my comment about biscuit consumption during maternity leave) I cut a size 18.

The other issue I’d seen written about was the short skirt. Everyone recommended adding 4 inches to the skirt. Unfortunately my fabric was too narrow and wouldn’t allow for this. So I thought I’d just see how it turned out.

It turned out to be mahoosive and short. So short you could practically see what I had for breakfast! Not exactly the look I was going for…..

In the end I took it in by 4 inches down the centre back seam because I couldn’t be arsed taking it apart elsewhere. Also as the fabric had some ease it didn’t matter so much on the bodice shape.

I’d run out of fabric to do a curved addition to the skirt and didn’t have anything of similar weight to do a contrasting panel. Instead I cut straight pieces to add interest to the bottom (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

I wore it once like this though and hated it. It just didn’t hang nicely and looked too matronly. In the end I cut the bottom back off it and rehemmed it. I just have just had to accept it’s a little shorter than I would normally wear and remember not to bend over too often!

All in all its a pretty shaped dress but the picture on the packet doesn’t exactly reflect the pattern. For example the pattern has a scoop neckline and the packet is a high neckline. The packet also suggests it’s knee-length when it’s decidedly shorter than that (I’m 5 ft 5 and its halfway down my thighs)

I will make this again but will go for a smaller size and longer skirt in future.


(ignore the strapping on my ankle. I was a div and twisted my ankle while out running)

8 thoughts on “From babies to boardroom

  1. The extended version is such a great length on you! I bet the shortie version won’t feel so weird in the spring. I think it’s just our psychology that makes it feel too short for winter, despite groovy thick tights. It def works better without the added bottom band though. Just think in 40 years it will hit you just nicely below the knees šŸ˜‰ PS hope your ankle mends quickly, be careful out there!x

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  2. Not very sure about Victoria Beckham’s dress in that pic but your one is lovely. That is a glorious red. I like the longer length but the short suits this dress better. Your boots are fab with it. Do you think that you will make this again? Xx

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    1. Yes I’ll definitely make it again. It’s relatively quick and easy make but looks quite smart – I’ll just definitely cut a smaller size


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