A blaze (r) of glory!

Late to the party as always I made a Morris blazer from Grainline studio.

I actually won this pattern during the Monthly Stitch’s Indie Pattern Month in 2016 but it had been on my to buy list for a while.  I just didn’t prioritise this during my fat pregnant days or my dress like a slob maternity leave days. Thankfully now I’m restored as part-time grownup office worker I have an excuse to make and wear lovely clothes like this again.

This was also on my capsule wardrobe plan as I attempt to rationalise my wardrobe and make things that allow me to create real actual outfits that don’t make me look like a loon due to my attraction to mental colours and patterns.

So to make a simple, classic blazer out of a plain navy ribbed ponte is a serious departure for me. And yet I bloody love it.

I reckon it’s fully possible to sew this in an evening if you know what you’re doing. However even though I had both the instructions and the Sewalong there was a bit of headscratching for me. Now I’ve done it once though I reckon I could knock out a few more quite quickly.

The only alteration I made to this was a narrow shoulder adjustment. I had looked at umpteen blogs and pattern reviews and could only find 1 other person who’d done a narrow shoulder adjustment. So I decided perhaps it wasn’t necessary and cut all the pieces out and hoped for the best. Once I set the sleeves in though it was blindingly obvious that I needed to bring them in at least 2cm on each side. Since I’d already cut the pieces I did a bit of a bodge job and used the ease in the sleeves to narrow the shoulders a bit.

It’s such a minor alteration but the more I sew the less I can put up with ‘almost perfect’ makes. These makes just don’t get worn and eventually end up on a pile of things to fix or cut up.

Anyhoo here is a lovely classic shaped blazer that is casual enough to go with almost anything I wear.

I’m fancying a mustard one, a red one and perhaps a jaunty nautical one in the future!

The front flappiness gets a little annoying when walking in a breeze. I’m contemplating getting a cloak clasp like this one to hold it together. What do you think?

17 thoughts on “A blaze (r) of glory!

  1. Love your Morris, and you are glowing in it. Score!!! If if bothers you flapping about, then go for the closure. I am early in my swing journey and learning the same lesson…fix it before you are done because I don’t like “mending ” it later. I am even working through multiples to get the fit where it needs to be- and I am only working on a simple shell blouse. Darn darts. So glad this is a winner for you.

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  2. Oh very nice. Corporate and chic. Lovely.
    A clasp sound like a good idea. I find jackets without closures very annoying. Never used a clasp though, so I can’t comment on how practical they really are.

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  3. Your blazer looks great, so smart! I was thinking of making another Victoria Blazer this spring but, like the Morris, it doesn’t have a closure, which puts me off a bit. I like your closure idea though!

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  4. The Morris is on my list for this year….hope it comes out as well as yours! I’ve often wondered about closures on windy days, the one you’ve chosen should be nice. And a nautical Morris would be fabulous!

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  5. The looks super smart and like it will go with everything! Love your edge stitching! I don’t wear mine on windy days so I’ve not thought about the flap pines, but I’m thinking I could do with a narrow shoulder adjustment too after seeing how yours fits. 😀

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  6. Looks great. This is on my sewing list and was watching a vlog from sew over it at the weekend and her version of one. My work blazers are definitely in need of replacement 🙂

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