Grandma’s chair

This is my longest project and I’ve finally finished it!

My grandpa moved into a home 2 years ago after a nasty fall so his house was sold. Us grandchildren were pretty much given free reign over some of the interiors. My grandparents generally bought really quality stuff but most of it was of an era.

I did take a few things though- Mini Me’s bedroom is pretty much all furniture from my grandparents that I’ve updated see my blog here.

So this little chair was a bit sad having sat in the window of a spare room in sunshine for 30 years.It had been red brocade but it had all faded and the straps had given way making it pretty darn uncomfortable. But I thought I might be able to rescue it and make it a nice addition to the nursery for the baby that was on the way.

Job 1 – ripping the guts out

Pulling the fabric off wasn’t hard because it was so sun damaged but getting the nails out was serious work. I used these pinchy things (technical term) and a fair bit of swearing.

Next was taking the strapping off. It was mostly rubber which had just disintegrated.

Next I painted the legs a cream chalk paint. if you’ve never used chalk paint definitely get some – it’s really satisfying to use and doesn’t require hours of sanding before.

Next up was putting new webbing on. Initially I bought some elasticated stuff which was recommended on some reupholstery blog. Baaaaaad idea! My arse hit the floor as soon as I sat on it. So I ripped it all out and started again – hurrah more swearing!

This time I used canvas webbing which was far more successful. I used carpet tacks to keep them in place.

Next up was meant to be new foam but I thought the remaining foam was OK. There is a place in Edinburgh which will cut foam for you but I just didn’t see that much wrong with what was there. I hope I don’t regret that.

Next up was fabric then. I actually got the fabric in Ikea for the princely sum of £4 a metre. It’s really heavy weight upholstery fabric but comes in such cheerful colours. I had thougt about thebee fabric for our little Bea but it was a bit harsh for a wee girls room.This is when all my good intentions went out the window. I initially covered it with cotton muslin fabric and had meant to cut pieces to act as patterns. Except by this point I had a small baby who didn’t sleep and my brain was malfunctioning and couldn’t cope.

Instead I stapled some fabric to the chair. Decided it looked poo so chucked it in the garage for 9 months. I did attempt to finish it a few times and got as far as getting the staple gun out but generally something would stop me – I couldn’t find the staples, or I couldn’t find the hammer, or the baby awoke etc etc.

So last night I finally pulled my finger out. It actually only took 30 minutes to finish it. I stapled all the fabric down and then did the back side with carpet tacks which makes it look quite snazzy I think.

And so ta dah! Grandma’s spare room chair has a new life in Beatrice’s room. I think she would have liked that – both the baby and the chair 😀

10 thoughts on “Grandma’s chair

  1. That is such a lovely update to your Grandma’s chair. The fabric makes it look really modern and fresh. I bet it is really satisfying to finally get it done. I have a whole garage full of little jobs lurking and making feel guilty. Gorgeous shot of the children. 😉 Xx

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  2. What a fabulous result! I absolutely love the stripy chair and it’s wonderful that it comes with a bit of family history, too.

    Isn’t it often the case that we put things off because the final step is going to take too long… and then we finally get around to doing it and discover that it wasn’t as arduous after all? I’ve done that so often, particularly with items of clothing that just need a simple repair. If only I could learn from my past laziness!

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  3. It’s fab! Your grandma would love the photo of them both on it. If you’re anything like me you’ll be kicking yourself for leaving it so long, but then the best things are worth waiting for 😀

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