Making my mistakes look bad ass!

I’m a bit of a slapdash sewist. I do really well at concentrating roughly 95% of the time then take the view that “meh – that’ll do”. I’m definitely not a perfectionist!

I’m especially slap dash when creating Princess dresses for Mini Me. Clearly she loves her dresses but she flipping trashes them in seconds. Plus the more time I spend making her dresses the less time I get to spend sewing things for me!

Anyhoo my slapdash approach has resulted in a few teeny tiny, minute, small, itsy bitsy, ickle, diddy mistakes. Y’know barely noticeable mistakes that need a wee bit of touching up.

Boom! Step forward the decorative stitches on my Brother sewing machine. I never quite saw the point of these until I had to fix up an Elsa dress that was half destroyed from tramping through the woods and then being caught in the spokes of her bike.

The Elsa dress was my almighty win last year and quickly became a failure. I’d made the cape out of a net curtain from Ikea but the curtain sadly frayed like a mofo and eventually I had to cut it off. Except I was drinking wine when I cut it off and might have gone a little squint. Whoopsie! So I sewed the dress onto a long sleeved tshirt and had a bit of a think how to cover up one of the holes I’d made. Boom – step forward decorative stitch and it looks bad ass now.

Then I had a shot at a Rapunzel dress for her. When I attached the lining I may or may not have trimmed the seam allowance a little too much which made the seam a little weak. What to do, what to do? Boom – decorative stitch again saves the day.

So onto our latest Princess Dress – sleeping Beauty. Neither of us have ever seen the movie so I was relying on pictures on the Internet to come up with a vague copy. It has this funky white peplum thingy except I forgot to sew it into the waistline when I attached the skirt and bodice. I could have unstitched the waist and re done it but couldn’t be bothered so……you guessed it. Step in the decorative stitches again. I stitched it onto the skirt which also kept the seam bulk neat.

Joking aside – as pretty as the stitch is it also gives a bit of strength to dresses for Mini Me. Given these dresses are often out of slinky fabrics with little strength the decorative stitch really helps to hold things together.

Next on our list is Snow White – wonder what fuck ups I will make that can be saved by an decorative stitch??


8 thoughts on “Making my mistakes look bad ass!

  1. What lovely wee dresses. Mini me is super cute in them. Those fancy stitches look very nice and are a neat fix. I always wondered why they included them on machines. I had never seen any of the Disney films until Sprogzilla was wee (and I was in my 30’s). David Attenborough is fab but not quite as cool as Maleficent. ๐Ÿ˜€ Xx


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