A shirtdress for Summer

Loving the challenge on Instagram to sew a shirtdress for Summer #sewtogetherforsummer.  It’s one of those challenges that isn’t a challenge – as in I was going to do it anyway it just hurried me along a little. 

I’m always impressed how much effort some people put into these challenges – like buying things to do them. Personally I only take part in these things if I have the materials already or I was going to do it anyway. 

So from the lazy corner I give you McCalls 6696 which I’ve made 3 times already. Seems to be one of those patterns everyone has – and for a reason! It’s simple, classic and versatile without being too quirky and therefore niche.

For fabric I used an Ikea duvet from the bargain basin bucket. Yup I’m not even ashamed.  Mr King even bought it for me “just in case”. To date I’ve used this duvet to make 5 baby girl dresses, 2 Pillowcase dresses and the lining for Mini Me’s winter coat. 

This means I was running a little low on fabric for a shirtdress – hence why I’ve chosen the sleeveless option and the A-line skirt. I even dispatched the collar and did the pockets in contrasting colour. 

Who knew a £5 King size duvet could be such great value for money!

Only adjustments I made was to reduce the poofyness in the back – I pinched out 2 inches. Then I shortened the bodice to cope with my short arse status. I didn’t even have to narrow the shoulders – gotta love the big 4 pattern companies for standardisation between patterns.

And so ta dah!


27 thoughts on “A shirtdress for Summer

  1. Looks great – and nobody ever would think it started life as a duvet cover!
    It’s good to see the dress without the collar as I was thinking of making one like that – but guess I would need to scoop out the neckline more as this is more mandarin collar than suits me and I probably lack the skills to get this right.
    My 6696 is still procrastinating in the corner finished apart from button holes and buttons… just typical.

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    1. I’d like to make it more like a mandarin collar but not entirely sure what I need to do – I read a blog today that described this as a grandad shirt collar


  2. Wow totally beautiful dress live the pockets too. I’ve a shirtdress pattern I’ve been wanting to make & even have some light weight seersucker print I think would work

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  3. It just shows you what you can do with bed sheets/ duvet covers and ikea ones at that! I’ve never seen anything that says “that’s going to be a dress” YET, who know it might end up being soon. Love the shape on you and the colour!

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  4. Wow, this is fantastic. I love that it is a repurposed duvet. You would never tell. I often buy IKEA fabric with clothes in mind. It washes and wears really well and is very reasonable. Do you think that you will make M6696 again? It looks a very versatile pattern. Xx

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    1. I’ll make loads more of these shirtdresses I reckon – the pattern just fits me brilliantly so I don’t really have to think about what I’m doing. Potentially a denim one would be a good move


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