Edinburgh Cocktails – #EdinburghFrocks

How amazing did the Dressmaker’s Ball (apostrophe or not?) look last week? And how amazing does the Sew Up North meet up look? And Sew Brum. And all those other lovely meet ups that keep being organised?

I’m utterly utterly jealous.

And I appear to have reached peak wedding as well. After oodles of weddings over the last few years we have zero, zilch, nada weddings to go to this year.  Add to that I’m a parent of 2 small girls so have zero social life.

Which means I need to invent an occasion to get dressed up, do my hair (well wash it AND dry it), put makeup on and even potentially wear something other than trainers.

And so to the suggested event slash challenge – how about we make ourselves fabby outfits suitable for cocktails in Edinburgh? Then we get to meet up, wear our fabby clothes and maybe just partake in a teeny tiny wee cocktail (I’m actually rubbish at drinking cocktails – I’m a super lightweight and hate strong alcoholic drinks) while we admire our super lovely cocktail hour clothes.


I’m suggesting Saturday 2nd September. Venue is to be decided – it’ll really depend on how much interest we have. Ideally within short walking (tottering) distance of Haymarket or Waverley for the out of towners  (Weegies welcome!).


Help me share the message- there must be tonnes of people in Scotland that could be interested! Let’s use the hash tag #Edinburghfrocks though hopefully we’ll make it clear it’s open to ladies and gents in frocks or not!

Cheers me dears


13 thoughts on “Edinburgh Cocktails – #EdinburghFrocks

      1. I looked into that before with the knitting and stitching show but too expensive when you add the hotel, husband and two kids!!


  1. Well with the new day job I am almost in London but do come home to Scotland every other weekend so I would be very much up for this. At least September gives me a fair chance at actually getting some sewing done as I have bugger all chance at the moment with work being the way that it is. So this is a tentative “yes” from me. Would be great to be back in my home town again and to meet you and all the other frock-n-rollers. Still love that dotty dress. Xx

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      1. I’m away at the Burghley horse trials (hubby is working in the medical tent and I’ll be swanning about buying all the things 😂) so if it falls through I’m there with bells on. Ooooor we do it repeatedly, yeay!

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  2. As you know I think it’s a brilliant idea bit I will be having some hygge of my own in Copenhagen that weekend. Will be with you in spirit. Christmas cocktails?

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