Pattern cutting class week 2

So as a recap I’ve started an evening class with Edinburgh Council in pattern cutting. It’s good value but my God my brain is on fire at the end of 2 hours! Here is my first blog about it.


We were given a whistle stop tour of fitting a bodice using one of the intermediate ladies who is in the process of making a bodice block.

There was a lot of chat about moving darts so they point towards but end 1-2 inches from the apex. Then there was a lot of pinching and pulling and discussions about thick trunks and low boobs etc. We’ve been warned not to take comments about our body shape personal but my God our teacher is direct and to the point!

Pattern manipulation

This was the really fun activity for me. We were given half scale size 12 blocks to play with. This makes manipulation far easier and actually quite fun. We’ve been set the challenge of designing and making our own skirt pattern for next week. This is all to be done doing cutting and splaying pattern pieces. I’m thinking a skirt with a yoke and flare below the yoke which could be a fun summery skirt.

Next week we should be fitting our own skirts with a view to developing a skirt block. I’ve sewn up my skirt pieces in an old sheet. To me it looks a bit loose- perhaps I didn’t do my maths properly?

Anyhoo I’ll update you on next week lesson.


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