Copying the High Street

I very rarely venture into the High Street now. Partly because I’m making so many of my clothes but also because I live and work outside the city and rarely have the opportunity for a mooch round the shops. So getting inspiration for clothes tends to rely on catalogues and magazines my mum and Sister pass me (I’m too tight to pay for these trashy mags).

The Next catalogue had this lovely summery dress in it that I liked. It also looked very similar to the Colette Laurel which I’d picked up for free from the #sewscottish meet up in November.

I got this white and navy stripe at the Edinburgh Stitching and Knitting Show. It’s got a bit of stretch and feels lovely.
According to the size chart I was a 16 but reviews suggested it ran big so cut a 14. Even then I needed to take it in quite a bit so next time I’ll try a different 12 or even 10 (woo hoo).

It really needs a narrow shoulder adjustment but I couldn’t face undoing those gorgeous sleeves again to take them in a bit.

I did use a 9″ zipper at the back (the pattern calls for a 22″ zipper) but really don’t need it. Perhaps if I sized down it would become more vital.

I wore it out last night for dinner with Mr King to celebrate our wedding anniversary. After a 3 course dinner it was very forgiving – so much so I had room for posh cocktails in the Balmoral afterwards.

Check out my bathroom selfies in the Balmoral  (can take the girl out of Dalkeith etc etc)


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