Be there at the double!

A couple of weeks ago Mini Me had a bad fall in the play park. One of those awful heartstopping moments.

She fell off the monkey bars and winded herself. She was just lying there not moving, not breathing and then when she finally got a breathe was just screaming. Of course she managed to get up and walk home 5 minutes later.

She’d clearly had a fright tho and was very quiet afterwards so I needed to cheer her up. So I offered to start making her a Halloween costume. So she told me wanted to be Skye from Paw Patrol. It’s a ruddy awful cartoon she loves that I’ve never watched. I can sing you the theme tune over and over again but couldn’t name a single one of the characters. My brain goes into self preservation mode and switches off once it comes on.

Anyway Skye is the girl dog in the cartoon. Unsurprisingly she wears pink.

So we needed a dog style costume with a pink vest. Thankfully I have some left over fake fur. I used the hood from the GBSB elephant ballerina as the basis and added doggy ears (should probably have gone larger) and lined it.

I also made large triangles of fur with elastic as cuffs for her wrists and feet.

Finally I made her a little pink waistcoat out of a curtain I’d got from a charity shop last year. My neighbour was lovely and had some iron on paw patrol patches which she donated as well.

So here is the final costume. One very happy customer.


As a major bonus a lady chased my down the aisle in the supermarket to ask me where I bought it! Major fist pump.

10 thoughts on “Be there at the double!

  1. I know all about that feeling watching them fall–I watched as my eldest (who was about 4 at the time) plummeted off of the tall slide once, and I thought my heart was going to stop. He was fine after he got his breath back, but I shook for a good hour after and possibly cried as much as he did. Kids are tougher than we give them credit for!

    Anyway, the costume is adorable, and if you wanted to stop the little “paws” from slipping around, make a “ring” out of the super narrow (1/8″) elastic to loop over her finger. I don’t hand stitch anything, but it shouldn’t take but a couple of small tacks to stitch it on. 🙂

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