Top 5 misses of 2017

Keeping up with Gillian’s themes here is a reflective post on my worst makes of 2017. Pleasingly there are fewer diabolical makes this year. My misses are mostly down to unflattering styles chosen rather than rubbish sewing. Means I’m definately getting better at sewing even if I sometimes make questionable choices in patterns. 
Red culottes 

I’ve wanted red culottes for AGES. Absolutely bloody ages. I tried last year with a burdastyle pattern but they made me look pregnant as the pleats were in the wrong place. Undeterred I tried again this year with a Butterick pattern. And instead ended up with a really dodgy crotch. They had flappy side pockets that wafted up in a weird way when I sat down. 

Sadly they went in the bin after 1 wear.

Simplicity sewing challenge

I’m not going to lie to you I did a cracking job of the bodice. For once I did a proper toile and spent ages pattern matching so it would look badass. And the illuminous yelow piping is brilliant. 

The skirt however is poop. Originally I bought a red striped fabric cos Id seen all these cools pins on Pinterest of hipster types pulling off a mix of stripes. On me however it looked ridiculous. So instead I used this plan navy and the result is…. poop.

So poop that I’ve still not worn it apart from in photos. I think next spring I’ll cut off the skirt and attempt to salvage this dress somehow. Maybe with some yellow linen?

Harry potter bra

This was my first foray into bra making. My lovely husband bought me the newly released Simplicity pattern by Madalynne for Christmas as a challenge as it said it could be adapted to go up to my size. Well the pattern lies. 

It can cope with the band size and the cup width but the cup depth was ridiculously too shallow so I ended up with serious overspill as it was waaaaaay to small. 

Shame really as it looks flaming gorgeous.

Checked shirtdress (collar)

I went a bit shirt dress crazy this summer and this was definately my favourite for a while. I posted a super smug photo on Instagram of the inner collar where I’d used this contrasting red bias tape to create an interesting feature. Sadly after a few rounds in the washing machine the bias tape started to fray and come away. Stupid stupid collar looks rubbish now. I’m still wearing the dress though and scheming a way to hide the fraying without removing the collar (all that Top stitching!).

Zadie dress

I’ve made a few Tilly and the Buttons patterns and I’m never really sure they suit me. So I don’t know what came over me to buy this pattern as soon as it was released. I made it up and tried to convince myself that it suited me. I even wore it a good few times to work. But I just couldn’t avoid the nagging feeling that it looked a bit maternity on me. Until I asked my husband straight out and he admitted it looked like a maternity dress. 

Straight. In. The. Bin.

15 thoughts on “Top 5 misses of 2017

  1. How about trying a little Fray check, a fabric glue, on the edges of the frayed red bias tape. It should hold the threads together and prevent it from deteriorating further in the wash.

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  2. I simply adore reading your blog. Since I’m as much Scot as anything, I’m claining you as kin.


    1. As my list of duds get smaller I feel like I can measure my improvements. I’ve only been sewing 6 years so there’s still plenty swearing and seam ripper usage


  3. I think the useful thing about sewing is you start to get a few TNT patterns together and work with them more. I know pleats near my waist are always dreadful and much and all as pleated pants look great on everyone else – they look awful on me so I avoid. I find a handy thing before I make it to try a similar RTW style in the stores before I cut. I really like that stripe top, would you make cigarette pants or long wide leg pants (with high darted waist no waistband) for them? –


    1. Yeah I’m the same. I mostly know what will suit me but occasionally I throw caution to the wind and try something new. Then generally regret wasting fabric on what looks utterly ridiculous on me 😀

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  4. Your blue and white stripe dress looks ok with the blue skirt, but I see it with a straight(er) skirt with the same white and blue.. the bra looks nice too but yeah those patterns are lovely but not for bigger…people. I like the red culottes.

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    1. Yeah originally I’d hoped for a more fitted skirt but ran out of striped fabric. Maybe I should have just been patient and gone with my original plan


  5. I wouldn’t have been able to put my finger on ‘maternity’, but that dress is a bit funny. Something about how it uses the ‘illusion’ paneling so popular for a couple years, but on a fit and flare rather than a sheath? Plus the pleats in the dark paneled section? Hard to figure out.
    Definitely try to salvage that blue and white shirt dress! It’s great.


  6. Ah yes, we all have our ‘fails’ at the back of the wardrobe. I always think I will get round to refasioning them at some point – never do! I do think you’re being a bit hard on yourself. I like the striped top with navy skirt and the bra is amazing so shame about the size. The Tilly dress isn’t very flattering. I don’t use these patterns either. I think you have to have Tilly’s figure to wear Tilly’s patterns and she’s a little doll. I am not.
    Love your blog.

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