#OWOP17 Roundup

Sheona of Sewisfaction challenged us to take on OWOP from 25th November – to the uninitiated that is One Pattern One Week. We were given full leeway with our pattern choice and as an incentive she offered us fabric to make 1 more pattern up especially for OWOP.

Pattern Choice

For me it boiled down to 4 choices that I have multiples of and could cope with a week’s wear.

Bearing in mind when Sheona set the challenge I wasn’t sure what my work calendar would look like. If I was office bound any of those options would be good, but if I was client facing that week I’d need to ensure I was smart and presentable (often a challenge for me!).

To cut a long story short I chose the Sewaholic Granville Shirt. Its not a quick make – generally each shirt takes about a week of sewing for me – but it is a versatile pattern. I can make it super corporate or super relaxed for a day hanging out with my family. I’ve even got a mind to make it super glam with some silky fabric one day.

Fabric Choice

Sewisfaction’s Bee Fabric has been calling to me for ages. It’s a lovely cotton fabric and the pattern is classy rather than childish if you see what I mean? I went for the light green version and used a contrasting white cotton for the yoke, inner collar-stand and cuffs. I also ditched the full collar as I’m a bit of a fan of the Granddad collar look.

I didn’t attempt any pattern matching on this shirt – time was against me, so I just cut and hoped for the best. And yet look how amazing this pattern matching ended up across the front? About as good as I could have managed if I’d actually tried.

OWOP Experience

During OWOP I wore this to a high-level meeting on Natural Capital in Edinburgh with people ranging from the First Minister of Scotland, CEOs of large corporations, high flying academics and the big NGOs like WWF, Conservation International and IUCN. Natural Capital is how we value nature in business and ensure the true cost of our impact on the environment in our supply chains. Therefore, I was more than happy to be wearing a me-made shirt with bees on it (the ultimate curators of natural capital). I had a few comments on the suitability of my shirt for the meeting though no one realised it was handmade which I take as a massive compliment.

Sometimes I find with these challenges the thrill can wear off – particularly the month-long ones. However, at the end of the week for OWOP I was still perfectly happy wearing my shirts. I still love the pattern and fully intend to make more Granvilles in the future (I had half a mind to make a Christmas one but have given up due to lack of time). It also highlighted to me how investing in good quality, staple garments give me the flexibility to dress up or dress down for whatever the occasion.

So, to sum up I enjoyed OWOP and would happily take the challenge on again. And, as a bonus, I’m still wearing my Granville bee shirt to meetings about nature to my colleagues’ delight.

2 thoughts on “#OWOP17 Roundup

  1. That is a lovely shirt and the fit is fab. You can’t beat a good dress shirt for workwear and that looks like such a versatile pattern. All you versions look very different. I LOVE the bee fabric. What a talking point. Xx

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