My Make Nine 2017/18

So I joined in the #makenine2016 challenge last year which I can’t say I took all that seriously but was fun to collate some of my challenges for 2017.

Simple Sews Skater Dress 7/10

I probably used the wrong fabric for this – it’s embossed Ponte which makes it a bit hot and sweaty. The pattern is also massive so needed a lot of taking in. Finally I discovered a little late on that it was really too short for cycling to work (after I’d flashed most of Midlothian).

Morris Blazer 10/10

This pattern is awesome. Truly and utterly awesome. Still don’t know why I haven’t made more though I’m in the process of making a grey one.

Anderson blouse 8/10

Not my first Anderson blouse but I think this giraffe version is my closest to perfection of them all. I’ve done quite a bit of hacking to this pattern and have a few more to do to give myself a 10/10.

Madalynne Simplicity Bra 0/10

This was my major challenge of 2017 – to make myself a bra. I was so pleased with how this looked until I tried it on. And then crushed when it was obvious it was too small. Turns out the pattern just wasn’t suitable for bigger boobs and I’ve since made a few Harriet bras which are awesome. 

Colette Dress 7/10

Although I’ve only worn this dress once I really love it. It’s just that I have such a rubbish social life I haven’t had many opportunities to wear it (I blame rotavirus, chicken pox, croup and tummy bugs).

Simple Sews High Waisted Skirt 7/10

Actually this skirt deserves a much higher mark – I just need to spend a little time taking it in a bit. Currently it’s too big but I totally love it otherwise.

McCalls 6044 Men’s shirt 10/10

This was a shirt for my husband and was a bit of a departure stylewise for him (he’s very very conservative) but he’s since said he thinks it’s his favourite shirt. Yay!!

GBSB Breton top 6/10

Aside from making me go cross eyed tracing the pattern this pattern has stupidly wide shoulders which I hadn’t dealt with very well in the making. I could go back and fix it but who wants to look backwards!

Simplicity Can Can dress – Not attempted yet

I didn’t change my mind about this pattern. I just couldn’t justify making it when I had no where to go. Mr King and I have plans to do Goodwood Revival next year so maybe I’ll have an excuse then.
And that’s that. Here is my list for 2018. It’s going to involve a fair few patterns being bought but I’ve only bought 1 pattern in 2017 so I reckon I deserve a reward!

  1. Closet case Sasha trousers
  2. Closet case Ginger jeans
  3. Orange lingerie Boylston bra
  4. Kim dress BUM
  5. Vogue blazer V8333 (again. every year for 4 years this is on my list)
  6. Morris blazer Grainline studios
  7. Wrap top Butterick 6285
  8. Margot playsuit Sew La So Da Vintage
  9. Red coat -pattern to be decided

Now considering 3 of these patterns are intended for a wedding I’m going to in March I should be reporting back some reuslts very soon. Hope you guys have some big plans to keep yourselves amused in 2018.


8 thoughts on “My Make Nine 2017/18

  1. Some brilliant garments this year and I like the patterns that you have chosen for 2018. The Ginger jeans seem to be everywhere and rightly so. They give a great result. i love that Vogue blazer pattern. It does look a bit scary though but very smart. Sewing bras seems really difficult. I imaging that there is a lot of fitting and geometry involved.
    I have been toying with the idea of doing the 2018 SWAP over on Stitchers Guild. Still the best laid plans o’ me and sewing go aft agley…. 🙂 Xx


  2. Great line up for 2018. I’ve just signed up for the #2018rtwfast so need to add trousers and bras to my list!


      1. That’s exactly it. I tried to give up RTW this year and almost did it accept for some trousers and a few knitted jumpers. I need to face up to the fitting challenge of trousers and not stick to quick makes! Sign up closes tomorrow for prizes and contests- on Goodbye Valentino blog and instagram 😊


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