I made a hat!

I have a friend’s wedding coming up and Mr King is the bestman. It’s also my birthday so a doubly special day.

I used this as a challenge to have a shot at millinery. There’s some fun tutorials online for making fascinators and hats. I spent quite a lot of time on Pinterest as well getting inspiration.

I chose a teardrop shaped simflex which I got off eBay. I also decided on a hairband rather than a comb. I’ve worn both and prefer the security of a hairband. I also got some ivory merry widow netting.

Finally my husband went on a shoot recently and got a couple of pheasants as payment for his services. He saved me the tail feathers and an assortment of other shorter feathers.

So I had a whole range of supplies and no freaking idea what to do next.





Big pause while I think





Step 1: I wrapped ribbon round the hairband with a few blobs of hot glue at various points to hold it.

Step 2: I stitched the base onto the hairband at 2 points.

Step 3: I got the merry widow net and after a lot of posturing in the mirror chose a couple of points to anchor it. I’d hoped to do a sultry over eye netting but I looked like a dick so I got rid of that idea.

Step 4: chose feathers, arrange them, glue them and then bind them with ribbon. I then glued a jaunty button on to hide a bit of the ribbon.

Step 5: attach feathers to hat using a few stitches and a blob of glue.

And ta dah! Here is the finished result. I’m really rather proud of this project. I feel like I need a Blue Peter badge for working this out.

I also feel fearless and will definately be making another one. Sadly this is probably the last wedding for a long time. Maybe I can just wear hats to do the shopping or walk the dog?

17 thoughts on “I made a hat!

  1. What a lovely hat and a fabulous dinner-recycle with the pheasant feathers. They are the most glorious colours and always look good. There are some fab tutorials online. Did you know that you can dye feathers with Dylon and curl them with a hair curler? Lots of fun.

    I am really looking forward to seeing your whole outfit. Xx


  2. This is fab! I’m thinking of customizing my own headpiece for my brother-in-laws wedding but didn’t know if it would be difficult or not! Any tips on adding pearls/crystals? Would a glue gun hold them in place?

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    1. Actually at the same time as making this hat my 4 year old also made herself one that had crystals on it. The glue gun worked perfectly and she’s been wearing the hat for days now without anything falling off


      1. Oh fab! Found so much stuff online about adding feathers and netting etc but couldn’t find any advice or tips on crystals so wasn’t sure what was the best way to tackle it!


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