The Shedquarters update

So the new Sewing shed arrived and promptly blotted out the sun in all it’s orange glory!


Just to get to this stage has been hard work and Mr King has been bloody wonderful in helping me get to this stage. He spent hours with a pickaxe clearing the foundations. Next he taught himself to do bricks and mortar. Then he pushed wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of hardcore round to fill it in. Then he laid some ruddy heavy slabs.


The shed itself was constructed by a local company who did a great job. It just took me by surprise just how big it is.

Ive also had an electrician come round last week and fit a light and 2 double power sockets.

Now we’re in the process of insulating it and cladding it. Yet another Mr King job!


Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll start the job of fitting it out with a workbench, cutting table, storage, book shelves etc. It’s bloody exciting getting my own space. I suppose it’s been over 10 years since I had my own space – pre Mr King! My pinterest board may be a little ambitious as to what it will look like inside though!

Here’s a pic of my helper painting over the ugly orange wood.


10 thoughts on “The Shedquarters update

  1. There are not words to describe how f*king awesome your shed is. It is a shed quarters and a half and now I have shed envy, although my back garden is too wee for one. Looks like it will be perfect for a sewing room. It is a lovely colour. I am watching your progress with interest.


  2. It is going to be perfect! Why is the wood always in this odd colour. We just got two blown down bits of fence replaced and they’re the same?? Bet you can’t wait to get the sewing equipment in there.

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  3. Sweet progress! I have only 2…no, 3 thoughts –
    1. 2 double outlets? How many things you can plug in before you need a power strip? I have 2 double outlets (8 plug-ins) in my room, and I wish I had more! Then again, lights, TV, computer and such take up 5-6 of my outlets :-/
    2. nice not to have to dig down 4 feet to get frost-free for footings so the shed stays stable for years!
    3. how long did your (very adorable!) daughter have that paint brush in hand? My DS at that age would have had paint all over himself in minutes. And quite a few other things not intended to be painted as well.

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    1. Ha ha yes there was probably more paint on the child than the shed by the end but thankfully it was the gable end that we can’t see from the house!

      I reckon sockets will be enough. I need sewing machine, overlocker, iron and extra lamp.


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