A tale of 4 shirts

I’ve made Mr King 2 shirts to date and both of them had massive glaring mistakes.

Shirt #1 was going so so well until I put the sleeves on. I used the clever flat felled method Jamie does such a great job of explaining in his tutorial here. Except I was a dick and got my left and right confused so they were back to front. Sadly Mr King forbade me from cutting them into short sleeves because he doesn’t like short sleeves- instead he insists on wearing the shirt but with rolled sleeves.

Shirt #2 was going well until I decided to make the sleeves a little more slim fitting. Trouble was I forgot arms need to bend and when they do bend they get a bit fatter. D’oh!

So this is Shirt #3 and I was determined to get it right this time and not do a Monica. I bought a new pattern specifically so I wouldn’t fuck it up – I even went Big 4 to ensure the instructions were clear and there were no mistakes. 

I liked the shirts Hila from Saturday Night Stitch had made for her husband who looks to be a similar build to my Mr King so copied her on the pattern front – McCalls 6044 in size small. I was a little worried about the length because whilst he’s skinny, Mr King is a skinny malinky long legs but the pattern pieces seemed long enough when I held them up against him.

I got this lovely linen feeling cotton from Edinburgh fabrics with what looks like dandelions or elderflowers on it. This was pushing Mr King’s boundaries a little- he of the classic blue and white stripe or checked flannel shirt. He doesn’t tend to do wild patterns so he had to be convinced this departure from his safety zone was a good one. 

Anyway the fabric is nice and thick for a Scottish spring but frays like a bastard so I flat felled all my seams. I think this also makes it look more professional on the inside. 

All in all this is a dead easy pattern. I also didn’t have to do any alterations to fit Mr King – clearly he has model proportions (which has made him also my little big headed). Men really are easier to fit anyway – their lack of boobs makes it less of a challenge.

The fourth shirt in our tale is from similar fabric from Edinburgh Fabrics- this time with foxgloves on it (except some tit cut half the pieces upside down). As it was for me I used the Sewaholic Granville shirt that I’ve used a number of times already so know exactly what size and hacks I need to do (a 12 with narrow shoulder adjustment). 

So here’s us gaily wearing our new Spring shirts in the lovely Scottish spring sunshine. Don’t we look twee!

Incidentally baby Bea is also wearing a me-made dress – a Geranium from Made by Rae 

16 thoughts on “A tale of 4 shirts

  1. What a great selection of shirts ! I think I’ve made a shirt from a very similar patterned fabric to Mr Kings’s Elderflower/dandelion. So far I’ve only got my OH in Comox trunks, must try harder and make him a shirt….


  2. The shirts are all fabulous! I love your honesty about the sewing mishaps. We all make them, but few are brave enough to post about them. Keep up the great sewing!

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  3. It seems to be the season of shirts – I’m seeing them everywhere! Yours look particularly lovely. I’m about to make a selfless shirt, too, but I have the opposite problem when it comes to the fabric: my husband wants a shirt in an obnoxiously loud print and it’s impossible to find anything that’s obnoxious enough!

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  4. Great shirts and Baby Bea is looking gorgeous! I love reading your posts because you are always so honest. I’m sewing baby clothes at the moment for Mr J-M’s newly arrived granddaughter (v. exciting) and this tit managed to sew a neck band on a t-shirt back to front. I’ve made a matching dribble bib to disguise it but she’s three days old so almost certainly won’t realise!

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  5. Thanks for sharing the woes – I’ve done every one of those myself, more than once sadly. All the shirts for Mr. King are nice, but I like the fit of the McCall shirt a bit better. I love the fabric used for your shirt. Your kids are soo cute, I’m tempted to show their picture to a hair colorist and say “I want that color!”


    1. Ha – in my family their hair seem awfy dark. Children should have white blonde hair in my family- I blame Mr King’s crap genes. But thank you- I think his new shirt is ace


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