Top 5 Goals

Yep still following Gillian blindly into 2017 here are my top 5 sewing goals for 2017.

Number 5: Underwear

Boom shack a lacka.

Oh yes I know everyone else in the Sewing Community is way ahead of me on this but I’m going to attempt to catch up in 2017. I made my own bikini this year which was fun and surprisingly easy. I think the main challenge may be in sourcing materials to make a bra that is similar in price and a better fit than my usual M&S bras. Either way I’m looking forward to the challenge and like the look of the Marlborough bra from Orange. Except as a complete surprise to me my lovely husband bought me this Simplicity pattern for Christmas. My only concern is it goes up to a DD and I’m an F *blush*

I may even bust out a few pairs of knickers if there is any fabric left over (given the size of my boobs I won’t hold my breath!).

Number 4: Girl’s blocks

Santa also brought me the Oliver and S book which promises to allow you to make any girls dress you fancy. I might be bigging it up a little but I find kids clothes really quite fun to make when I need a breather from my own sewing. Plus it’s a fabby way to use up my leftover bits of fabric.

Number 3: Welt pockets

I’ve made things with Welt pockets before but they still scare me. I’d love to get to the point where can tackle them with minimal fuss or reference to instructions. I’ve managed that this year with shirt collars and cuffs with regular practice.

That probably means I’ll start making more things for Mr King since he’s quite a fan of tweed and tailoring which seems to always require welt pockets.

Number 2: Trouser fitting

I can make a nice pair of trousers now so long as I stick to one pattern – Sew Over It’s ultimate trouser. Anything other than that and I run into all sorts of issues. Even then I still have some flat bum issues that I haven’t quite worked out.

One day this year I hope I will finally find the time and inclination to watch one of the many online tutorials on how to deal with trouser fitting and sort out my arse problems.

Number 1: This Ruddy Vogue Jacket

This is on my list for the 3rd year running. I keep running scared from this project and using excuses (sometimes valid) such as being pregnant or too busy to attempt it. I had hoped to start another sewing evening class to tackle this but the baby still wasn’t letting me out in the evenings by then so I’ve put it off yet again.

So my ultimate aim by the end of 2017 is to have made this jacket. Watch this space….(just not too closely)


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Goals

  1. One of the recent issues of Threads covered welt pockets in detail. Check it out if you haven’t already! I want to delve into bramaking too, and I think we’re about the same size. That Madalynne bra is sooo pretty. I really like the Cloth Habit Watson.

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