Babies and fitting issues

I’ve had a bit of a tough week with a poorly baby. She had a couple of days with a bit of a temperature and was just grizzly. Then today to top it off she got a rash all over her body. A quick trip to the GP reassured me that it was just a virus and not to worry.

Anyway Grizzly baby was also a velcro baby and didnt want to be put down. This meant when baby finally went to sleep in the evening it felt amazing to get some me time.

To cheer myself up from the slowly imploding UK political scene I’ve been making a red gingham Sewahiloc Granville. Nothing is more cheerful than red gingham right?

I wanted to make a sleeveless version and Tasia has posted a useful tutorial here. 

The fabric is super duper lightweight cotton from Fabworks Mill (which I’ve only just discovered). They seem to be amazingly good value and excellent customer service. Delivery charges aren’t cheap but I got my latest package less than 24 hours after I ordered it.

I wanted to pattern match but because it was so lightweight it moved every time I breathed near it. So I gave up. And yet the final result looks kind of pattern matched.

I also ditched the collar and just kept the collar stand. I felt the fabric was too lightweight to cope with a collar.


This is my third version of this shirt so you’d think I’d have the fitting perfect. Last time all I needed was a narrow shoulders adjustment so I didn’t bother looking at things until I’d largely finished sewing it up.

Once I put it on though I had big issues.

– The arm holes were gaping and flappy.

– The back is bunching up in my lower back

– It was too loose across the chest.

So I did some alterations to the size of the arm cycle which also served to pull it in a little across the bust.

You’ll need to believe me that the fit across my bust was absolutely spot on when I went to bed last night.

Weirdly though it doesn’t fit well this morning. In fact it’s pulling across the chest and is just a bit too tight.

Why why why?

Because I had a velcro baby yesterday who had a temperature and therefore fed and fed and fed.

Today I have a happy healthy baby again. Yay! Except my shirt doesn’t fit anymore cos my boobs are ginormous again.

Perhaps this shirt will work better when I’m no longer breastfeeding. Darn!

In other news I have joined Instagram as @lesley_sews

I haven’t a clue what I’m doing and it’s a bit bewildering. However I’ve got so much time sat on the sofa feeding a baby I have time to learn.

10 thoughts on “Babies and fitting issues

      1. I don’t accept anyone at all on Facebook because I think it’s sooo complicated?? But instagram is fast and easy and if I can do it anyone can!!


  1. I’m glad your baby is better,my son used to get a rash whenever he was getting over a virus but it never stopped worrying me! I love the fabric you’ve used for your shirt, hopefully the boob/fitting issues get easier soon!

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    1. Thankfully my dad is a retired GP so gets lots of phonecalls from me looking for reassurance otherwise the NHS would have even more work on its plate!


  2. What a lovely shirt and how annoying about the boob issues. I am sure that once you have finished breastfeeding it will all come good. It looks great in the last pic and the fabric is gorgeous. Still could be worse, I have this issue every day and have nothing to blame. ๐Ÿ™‚ Xx


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