Capri sailor trousers for toddlers

How fab is this fabric?


I say again – how tremendously cool is this fabric? My obsession with fabric is becoming patently obvious to those around me – in fact I’ve started infecting others. The school my sister works for was having a clear out and was going to throw this fabric in the bin (along with the fabby needlecord floral fabric from the tunic dress I made Lil here). Thankfully my sister recognised the idiocy of this proposed action and saved the stash for me. Phew! I mean imagine a world without this fabric??

I’ve sat on this fabric for a while thinking about the best use of it. Because of the brilliant border print of dancing sailors I’d thought about a sailor dress, a peasant shirt and a few other things. But when my neighbour gave me this book as payment for hemming some trousers for her I knew what it had to be – these funky funky capri pants.

IMG_4875 IMG_4878

So I started making these at sewing class last night when Alex our teacher suggested I go a little off plan and make them from just 2 pieces instead of 4. I’ve never ever made trousers before so I was hoping for an easy start to get use to making trousers. Alex’s idea made an easy pattern even easier.

Basically we drew the trouser front and trouser back patterns onto paper back-to-back. This meant I could cut just 2 pieces out and effortlessly make wide leg capri pants for Lil.


Last night I got as far as sewing up the crotch and the legs. Sewing in class is probably the slowest I’ve ever been because of all the time we spend looking at each others projects and getting tuition on techniques and styles of the various projects. Hopefully I’ll get these finished next week. I’m going for a funky blue ruffle on the end of each leg and a contrasting blue waist-band with an elastic back and draw-string cord at the front.


E. X. C. I. T. E. D!!


5 thoughts on “Capri sailor trousers for toddlers

      1. Yes! I can imagine! The fabric would make such a gorgeous summer dress too…like a 18950s style with the border at the bottom! Have you got any left???


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